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He told CNN: "These two isolated leaders on the world stage making common cause in a way that is not being witnessed by any of our national security officials that's deeply troubling.
Observant Catholics will find themselves making common cause sometimes with people on the political right, sometimes on the left, and this is as it should be.
So, even if localities continue making common cause with landlords and property owners to allow rogue housing, do we want someone's kid living in a windowless attic space where the only exit is a trap door and ladder leading toward a potential fire?
Inhabiting Good Friday involves making common cause with the world's refugees.
All of a sudden, I found myself making common cause with those whom I disagree with vehemently on, say, the Iran deal (bad), the necessity of teaching Western Civ.
Even if they are now making common cause against Daesh, and their combined efforts eventually succeed in overrunning its main stronghold, many questions will remain about the aftermath.
I look forward to making common cause with many businesses and voices across the UK.
The movement conservatives are sick of making common cause with the increasingly on-the-dole working-class right.
Looking at recent films centring on the miners' strike of 1984, she argues that the stories they tell illustrate that difference can be an impetus, rather than an obstacle, to making common cause with others, even--or perhaps especially--when they also generate fierce argument.
The CBI is also making common cause with UK universities in other campaigns: on immigration for example, an issue of shared concern to businesses and universities, where skills and innovation agendas intersect.
Making common cause with the nationalists in policy matters will complicate the question of how best to deal with their constitutional aspirations.
Resilience can be enhanced at a larger scale by making common cause with civic organizations such as communities of faith, professional groups, ad hoc entities and neighborhood associations that share an interest in public health and well-being.