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abbreviation for
(Automotive Engineering) Malaysia (international car registration)


a combining form meaning “bad,” “wrongful,” “ill,” occurring orig. in loanwords from French (maladroit); on this model, used in the formation of other words (malcontent; malfunction). Compare male-.
[< Old French, representing mal adv. (< Latin male badly) and adj. (< Latin malus bad)]


References in classic literature ?
He has no right to forget that he is an ani- mal and in me there is something that is Greek.
As he turned over the pages, his eye fell on the poem about the hand of Lacenaire, the cold yellow hand "du supplice encore mal lavee," with its downy red hairs and its "doigts de faune.
Honi soit qui mal y pense," murmured I, significantly.
Goodfellow went on for some half hour longer in this strain, very much to the credit both of his head and of his heart; but your warm-hearted people are seldom apposite in their observations -- they run into all sorts of blunders, contre-temps and mal apropos-isms, in the hot-headedness of their zeal to serve a friend -- thus, often with the kindest intentions in the world, doing infinitely more to prejudice his cause than to advance it.
In his heart he hoped that Foinet would look at his picture, and that rare smile would come into his face, and he would shake Philip's hand and say: "Pas mal.
But the advisers n'entendent pas de cette oreille, voila le mal.
Neither did they go about the fields screaming dis- mal tunes.
Left in the lead after Love Tiger broke down at the second bend, Glynnscross Mal powered away to beat Yahoo Commander by over three lengths in a best-of-night 26.
Under the agreement, Al Mal will set up a Saudi firm with a capital of five billion Saudi riyals ($1.
We are thrilled that Donordigital will be re-joining our family," said Mal Warwick, founder and chairman of Mal Warwick Associates.
Between biscotti making and spoiling her grandchildren, Mal traveled around the world visiting over a dozen countries.
Mal is challenged by the prediction and comments from BSI Judges and visitors to show a mature size of the plant, the height of the inflorescence, and how long the inflorescence will last.