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 (măl′əb-zôrp′shən, -sôrp′-)
Defective or inadequate absorption of nutrients from the intestinal tract.


(Pathology) a failure of absorption, esp by the small intestine in coeliac disease, cystic fibrosis, etc


(ˌmæl əbˈsɔrp ʃən, -ˈzɔrp-)

faulty absorption of nutritive material from the intestine.
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Noun1.malabsorption - abnormal absorption of nutrients from the digestive tractmalabsorption - abnormal absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract
assimilation, absorption - the process of absorbing nutrients into the body after digestion


n malabsorción f
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While the effects of dietary fiber, alcohol, and smoking on bioavailability are discussed for some vitamins, malabsorption in "leaky gut" conditions is not.
Another malabsorption problem is due to abnormalities of bile salt production which make the absorption of fat difficult and can produce diarrhoea too.
Topics covered will include: optimizing health outcomes; pre-op, peri-op, and post-op standards of practice; pre-surgical work-up and consultation; OR supplies and instrumentation; special equipment for the safety and comfort of morbidly obese patients; diet and counseling; malabsorption and malnutrition; lifestyle modification and psychological support ; exercise, physical therapy, and occupational therapy; anticipating and managing surgical complications; wound care and infections; \ethical issues and cultural sensitivities; standardization and management of data collection; insurance reimbursement issues; reconstructive surgery; and, occupational hazards for bariatric surgical healthcare professionals.
In addition, patients are often required to take a varietyof supplements and medications to combat 'predictive malabsorption,' a serious sideeffect that stops the body from digesting crucial nutrients.
those who are nursing-home bound, chronically ill, over the age of 70 years) and with gastrointestinal malabsorption syndromes should receive vitamin D supplementation in addition to that provided in FOSAMAX PLUS D.
Disorders with this breath may lead to indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, or malabsorption.
Symptoms associated with soy allergy include typical IgE-mediated features as well as non-IgE-mediated--gastrointestinal symptoms such as hematochezia and malabsorption.
And certain medical conditions--early menopause, eating disorders, hormone deficiency, malabsorption, or chronic liver or kidney disease--will increase risk if not treated or managed appropriately.
Failure can result from drug resistance or decreased drug exposure (usually due to decreased adherence to the drug regimen, but also malabsorption of drug).
For them, the ingestion of gluten can damage intestinal walls and result in a number of debilitating effects, including the malabsorption of critical nutrients and severe diarrhea.