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1. A dance native to Málaga, Spain, that is a variety of the fandango.
2. Any of several Spanish folk tunes, especially one native to Málaga that is similar to the fandango.

[Spanish, feminine of malagueño, of Málaga, from Málaga, Málaga.]


(Dancing) a Spanish dance similar to the fandango
[Spanish: of or from Málaga]


(ˌmæl əˈgeɪn yə or, often, -ˈgweɪn-)

a Spanish dance similar to the fandango, originating in Málaga.
[1880–85; < Sp malagueña (feminine) of Málaga]
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Highlights will include Piazzolla's Libertango, Lecuona's Malaguena, Johann Struass' Voices of Spring Waltz, and Bach's Toccata and Fugue uniquely arranged in a Latin style.
Ernesto Lecuona, he of Malaguena fame, is sometimes referred to as the Cuban Gershwin; both composers used native rhythms and folk idioms in composing music for the concert hall.
Furthermore, professors Jose Malaguena Rojas and Francisco Ferreira, denied that such crimes could have any relation to crimes provided in the Organic Law of Narcotics and Psychotropic substances (OLNPS) due to the fact that the source within international law is totally different and cannot be linked or mixed.
Effect of photoperiod on semen production and quality in bucks of Verata and Malaguena breeds.
Ms Yap-Bahjin is the patron of the organisation while the presidents for each professional organisation are, Ariel Malaguena (PSME), Carlitos Daria (IIEE), Dr Quitevis (PICPA), Oscar Francisco (PICE) and Robert Fabros (UAP).
Guitarist Pete Langford, the only northerner in the line-up being a Durham boy, will also be playing a couple of classical pieces on the guitar including the William Tell Overture and the flamenco piece Malaguena.
The prize was presented at the final, hosted by former Blue Peter presenter Gethin Jones, on Saturday night where David moved the judges with his performance of Malaguena by Pablo Sarasate.
Sexy Salma smoulders her way through Siente Mi Amor, while Malaguena Salerosa roasts an old chestnut, dragging it smoking into the 21st century in typically robust Rodriguez style.
Mujeres y hombres en la formacion del Pensamiento Occidental: Actas de las VII Jornadas de Investigacion Interdisciplinaria (Madrid, 1989); Siro Villas Tinoco, "La Mujer y la Organizacion Gremial Malaguena en el Antiguo Regimen.
He wrote classics like Malaguena and Andalucia, and Ramon Valle is a true disciple of the man, similarly classically-trained, similarly sensitive to melody and the more considered side of the music.
The courtyard had been transformed into a patio restaurant serving local specialities such as Malaguena soup and casseroled duck but rooms that cost us 60 pesatas a night now cost more than 8,000.
The dam of those celebrities-and of three other French stakes winners in La Malaguena (by Migoli), La Malivoye (by Sicambre) and In The Purple (by Right Royal)-was marvellous La Mirambule, the best staying three-year- old filly in Europe in 1952.