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Out of place; inappropriate.
In an inappropriate or inopportune manner.

[French mal à propos : mal, badly + à propos, to the purpose; see apropos.]


of an inappropriate or misapplied nature or kind
in an inappropriate way or manner
something inopportune or inappropriate
[C17: from French mal à propos not to the purpose]


(ˌmæl æp rəˈpoʊ)

1. inappropriate; inopportune: a malapropos remark.
2. inappropriately; inopportunely.
[1660–70; < French mal à propos badly (suited) to the purpose]
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Adj.1.malapropos - of an inappropriate or incorrectly applied nature
inappropriate - not suitable for a particular occasion etc; "noise seems inappropriate at a time of sadness"; "inappropriate shoes for a walk on the beach"; "put inappropriate pressure on them"
apropos - of an appropriate or pertinent nature
Adv.1.malapropos - at an inconvenient timemalapropos - at an inconvenient time; "he arrived inopportunely just as we sat down for dinner"; "she answered malapropos"


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In a recent article, Tom Merrill acknowledges the implicit takings label but opts to stick to the conventional regulatory takings terminology notwithstanding its malapropos nature.
Interestingly, he prefaces his remarks concerning the proverb with the phrase "Apropos, or malapropos, no matter," which suggests that the title of the chapter may not, after all, refer to the subjects of the proverb, who are literally crippled.
Arsim Zekoli comments in Utrinski vesnik that in these days of mourning for the fallen victims, it is malapropos to discuss whether the Saturday conflicts were spontaneous or represented an ordered napalm bomb for ending the opposition set of bombs.
These nucleotides are gathered in CpG islands--which about 60% of human gene promotersare in contact with them and usually they are not methylated and have the permission to be copied and make a suitable chromatin formation for gene expression but their malapropos hypo methylation leads to deactivation of copping, but some of them will be methylated during the tissue differentiation.
Bernofsky's rendering of Prokurist as "general manager" feels equally malapropos, as does her choice of "drummer" for Reisende.