male genitalia

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Noun1.male genitalia - external male sex organsmale genitalia - external male sex organs    
male body - the body of a male human being
male reproductive system - the reproductive system of males
scrotum - the external pouch that contains the testes
ballock, bollock, testicle, testis, orchis, egg, ball, nut - one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens; "she kicked him in the balls and got away"
male reproductive gland - the reproductive organs of a man
penis, phallus, member - the male organ of copulation (`member' is a euphemism)
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If you live near one, feel free to do the one great thing that snow allows, and draw male genitalia on their car windscreen.
apparent female genitalia with clitoromegaly, posterior labial fusion or inguinal/labial mass and apparent male genitalia with non-palpable testes), micropenis, undescended testis (testes presenting as inguinal hernia or abdominal testes found on imaging studies), incomplete or delayed puberty and primary amenorrhea.
Mongolia lodged a diplomatic protest with Japan on Friday after a monthly kid's comic magazine included a picture of national hero Genghis Khan with a crude sketch of male genitalia across his forehead, Japan Times reported.
They explain anatomic and physiologic changes of the abdominal wall, abdominoplasty, lipoabdominoplasty, mini-abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, liposuction, liposculpture, buttock augmentation, calf implants, and contouring of the female and male genitalia.
com/news/local/okanogan-county/graphic-obscene-skydrawings-spotted-in-okanogan-co/492496113) KREM-TV in Spokane showing skywriting of what appeared to be male genitalia.
The family of the five-year-old girl were shocked when they found the adult themed Ann Summers lollipop resembling male genitalia and reported it to the police.
Other than these characters, genus Halys is totally different from Neohalys in having comparatively short labium, striking difference is in the shape of paramere, both stem and blade and most peculiar is the apex of paramere blade and to some extent shape of pygophore too; the male genitalia of Salixocoris is also very different from genus Halys, particularly the venteroposterior margin of pygophore, and shape of conjunctival appendages.
He illustrated the male genitalia and gave diagnostic characters.
He was obviously making fun of her surname, a common Chinese family name which sounds the same as the slang word for male genitalia.
Divergence in the shape of male genitalia is ubiquitous in many insect taxa and can have important fitness consequences for males within a species.
While depictions of female genitalia remain largely taboo, representations of male genitalia are shown at shrines and at some festivals, where giant phalluses are paraded openly through the streets as symbols of fertility and sexual health