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Noun1.male horse - the male of species Equus caballusmale horse - the male of species Equus caballus  
male - an animal that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that can fertilize female gametes (ova)
Equus caballus, horse - solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times
entire, stallion - uncastrated adult male horse
gelding - castrated male horse
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hl=en&taken-by=normancook) video of herself riding a male horse named Bobo.
A thoroughbred male horse was examined with history of impaired vision and severe lacrimation from left eye.
The event took place over three days, the first of which consisted of the female horse division, the second the male horse division and the last was the final round of the competition.
A young male horse which has not been gelded is known as what?
The inquest heard how the eight-year-old male horse had been bred by the family, who had never had any concerns over his temperament.
Fetnat Al-Baidaa' won the most beautiful female horse for the 2-3 years old category, while the best male horse went to De Manaf.
Firstly, all the primers used were needed to verify their male specific, which was confirmed by a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) containing two female horse DNA paralleled with two male horse DNA.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) green & dry fodder, clover, also rabbits fodder and (b) different large and small sized experimental animals including beef calve, male horse, local and Indian race rabbits.
The advertisement on Craiglist said that she was 22 years old and wanted to "play" with a male Horse, and if anyone has access to a male horse, and can allow her access to a male horse, then they should contact her, as sh would do something in return.
14 A hinny is the offspring of a male horse and a female what?
A PAPHOS family hoping to experience a winter sunset at their plot of land in Paphos were stunned to discover a dead male horse with a bullet wound to his head lying on their ground.
Elvis, a 14-hand male horse, was stuck up to his neck in mud when his owner Margaret Hill found him on Wednesday morning in Harvest Hill Lane, Hawkes End, Coventry.