male orgasm

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Noun1.male orgasm - an orgasm accompanied by the sensation of ejaculation of semenmale orgasm - an orgasm accompanied by the sensation of ejaculation of semen
orgasm, sexual climax, climax, coming - the moment of most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse
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This behavior was encoded in order to discover whether there was a relationship between women's pleasure and heterosexual gender roles since feminist theory suggests that pornography is about male orgasm.
In an argument that draws on formalist narratology but also on the French feminist theorist Luce Irigaray, Haber argues that the first meaning of play is very much associated with a masculinist ethos that, by privileging "perfect unity, consummation, and death" (57), conjoins the pointed telos of tragedy with that of male orgasm and patrilineal reproduction.
Potential subjects were excluded if they had a sexual disorder, erectile dysfunction, reduced sexual desire, inhibited male orgasm, alcohol or substance abuse, use of psychotropic or antidepressant medications, or a chronic depressive, psychiatric, or physical illness.
Although popular culture holds that the male orgasm is more significant because it is necessary for ejaculation and procreation, a look at our primate relatives changes the perspective.
Taken together, these findings provide support for the claim that male and female definitions of sexual terms may be converging and provide support against the claim that young people place a high value on male orgasm as a necessary criterion for the label of having sex, sexual partner, or virginity loss.
Male orgasm, however, is a sign of potency, and men will seek sexual relief even when abstaining from intercourse.
According to Maines, Western conceptions of sexual intercourse, developed in ancient Greece, have focused on penile penetration of the vagina to male orgasm, and this very definition of sexual intercourse serves to deprive women of orgasm by ignoring clitoral stimulation.
The female orgasm is a source of much interest, debate, controversy, technical manuals and scientific and popular literature only because it is so absent, unlike the male orgasm which appears with such monotonous regularity.