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 (măl′ĭ-sən, -zən)
A curse.

[Middle English malisoun, from Old French maleiçon, from Latin maledictiō, maledictiōn-, from maledictus, past participle of maledīcere, to speak ill, curse; see maledict.]


(ˈmælɪzən; -sən)
an archaic or poetic word for curse
[C13: via Old French from Latin maledictiō malediction]


(ˈmæl ə zən, -sən)

Archaic. a curse.
[1200–50; < Old French maleison < Latin maledictiōnem, acc. of maledictiō malediction]
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Archaic. A denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury:
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A hide of land I give to thee in my steads of Walbrugham, from me and mine to thee and thine aye and for ever; and God's malison on his head who this gainsays
This integration means Restaurant Manager users can reach their customers in new ways; using social media, email, and text messaging to drive more new and repeat business," said Alex Malison, CEO of ASI.
The structural delimitation of Stevens's life in "Knight's Gambit" is apparent from the narrative opening in medias res with Melisandre's children interrupting the "half-played" (140) game of chess over which Stevens and Malison sit.