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(ˈmɑːmɑːkuː) ,




n, pl mamaku
(Plants) a tall edible New Zealand tree fern, Cyathea medullaris, with a black trunk. Also called: black tree fern
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Comparison of taper, volume and bark thickness of 26 years old seedling and cutting from Mamaku Forest (Technical Report No.
ITINERARY: Te Puia Thermal Reserve, Rainbow Springs, Maori Hangi (feast) and Concert Mamaku Ranges
In 1846, when fighting had broken out in the Hutt, Governor Grey received a report of a letter bearing Te Rauparaha's signature, addressed to the inland and up-river natives of the Wanganui tribes, urgently inviting them to join their chief Te Mamaku and his ally Te Rangihaeata in the campaign against the European settlements.
Mamaku Blueberries grows about 30 tonnes of blueberries per year for wines, liqueurs, pure juices, jams, sauces, chocolates and real fruit ice cream, in addition to offering farm and winery tours.