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 (mə-măt′əs, -mä′təs, -mā′-, măm′ə-təs)
A cloud formation consisting of rounded, usually smooth protuberances that appear to hang down from the base of cumulonimbus or other clouds.

[From Latin mammātus, having breasts, from mamma, breast; see mā- in Indo-European roots.]


(Physical Geography) a bumpy, breast-shaped cloud
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Sometimes, the underside of this anvil is home to a series of rounded Mammatus clouds, also known as Mammatocumulus (meaning 'mammary cloud').
This week we saw the unusual cloud formations, mammatus clouds, over Newcastle which surprised many of you.
Mammatus clouds take their name from the Latin for "udder" or "breast".
But he is not showing off; a word like mammatus is not only precise, it is more descriptive (once we have looked it up) than an elaborate simile would be.
Mammatus clouds over Byker, Newcastle | SIMON GREENER
The event also featured Canadian-born artist Kelly Richardson, whose work involves melding real footage with digital elements, such as combining a billowing factory with beautiful Mammatus clouds.
Unlike a pulse thunderstorm, the anvil on a mature supercell thunderstorm is huge and the presence of mammatus clouds is a sign to keep your distance.
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Joanne Gillies TOP TREND: Apocalyptic scenes were caused by strange cloud formations called mammatus.