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Noun1.mamo - black honeycreepers with yellow feathers around the tailmamo - black honeycreepers with yellow feathers around the tail; now extinct
Hawaiian honeycreeper, honeycreeper - small to medium-sized finches of the Hawaiian islands
Drepanis, genus Drepanis - a genus of Drepanididae
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Brough slotted the extras from in front of the posts and then was in the thick of it eight minutes later as his neat kick proved to be perfect for Giants pace man Mamo who defied the odds to touchdown.
Then the Widnes defence was caught napping from another Brough kick with Mamo grabbing an opportunist try.
But he has no doubts Mamo will return to the sparkling form he showed last campaign.
Mr Mamo said he had transferred his son to Bubisa Boys.
Talk to your boss Mamo said: "If you have a good relationship and trust them then you could meet your boss to discuss what's going on.
With Jake Mamo injured, I'll probably start at fullback while I get used to the boys around me.
Professional magician, Moein Al Bastaki; and basketball star, Nathalie Mamo, bring together more than 15 years of television experience to WWE Wal3ooha.
Professor Mamo was named as this year's winner for his outstanding contributions to the restoration of soil health and improving plant nutrient management for more than 11 million small farmers in Ethiopia.
5T High Field MRI, 8 Slice CT, Mamo, X-ray, Bone Density, Ultrasound, Nuclear plus room built out for PET (no machine).
Ethiopian Ambassador Mesganu Arga Moach and minister Shibru Mamo Kedida with Barwa Real Estate acting CEO Ahmed Abdulla al-Abdulla at his office.