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1. a Yiddish slang word for bastard
2. (Judaism) Judaism a child of an incestuous or adulterous union
[from Hebrew]


(ˈmɒm zər)

n. Slang.
1. a bastard.
2. a rascal.
[1555–65; < Late Latin mamzēr < Hebrew; in recent American E < Yiddish < Hebrew]
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The two Pakistanis carried out the heist at Al Mamzer pharmacy in Al Taawun area on January 11, a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) official said.
nummer, derived in turn from the German), meaning a "character," that is, anything from a mamzer to a clown (le'asot mispar, on the other hand, meant to get laid [lit.
It is unlikely that Miriam was the first Jewish woman to conceive a mamzer.
In the last quarter of this year, the RTA will release a tender for constructing internal roads at Mamzer, Nahda 1 and Oud Mateena 2," he added.
Children that she may have in a relationship with another Jewish man would be considered unlawful (mamzerim) according to Jewish law (78) because an agunah cannot marry a Jew, unless the intended spouse is also a mamzer or a proselyte.
An Israelite is given precedence over a challal, (26) a challal over a shituki, (27) a shituki over an asufi, (28) an asufi over a mamzer, (29) a mamzer over a netin, (3) and a netin over a convert.
First, as a naif outsider, he can "translate" Jewish life and language in a way that may reassure those unfamiliar with words such as mamzer and feygele, not to mention what the ceremonial food items at a seder symbolize.
Given the dolorous history, that Spanish universities are now becoming centers for scholarship in the field of Jewish Studies feels rather satisfying: Roll in your grave, Torquemada, you mamzer, roll