man's clothing

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:'s clothing - clothing that is designed for men to wear
athletic supporter, jockstrap, suspensor, jock, supporter - a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise
gallus, suspender, brace - elastic straps that hold trousers up (usually used in the plural)
article of clothing, clothing, habiliment, wearable, vesture, wear - a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
dress hat, opera hat, silk hat, top hat, stovepipe, high hat, beaver, topper - a man's hat with a tall crown; usually covered with silk or with beaver fur
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Officers noticed blood on the blade and on the man's clothing.
Grasping the elderly man's clothing, he pulled him to the broken window and passed him through to a police officer who had arrived.
With her absent husband, man's clothing and manifestos for female sexual pleasure making the rounds, Sand was already quite the scandal when she met poet Musset, six years her junior.