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Capable of being managed or controlled: manageable problems.

man′age·a·bil′i·ty, man′age·a·ble·ness n.
man′age·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.manageability - capable of being managed or controlledmanageability - capable of being managed or controlled
tractability, tractableness, flexibility - the trait of being easily persuaded
مُرونَه، سُهولَة القِيادَه


(ˈmӕnidʒ) verb
1. to be in control or charge of. My lawyer manages all my legal affairs / money.
2. to be manager of. James manages the local football team.
3. to deal with, or control. She's good at managing people.
4. to be able to do something; to succeed or cope. Will you manage to repair your bicycle?; Can you manage (to eat) some more meat?
ˈmanageable adjective
(negative unmanageable).
1. that can be controlled. The children are not very manageable.
2. that can be done. Are you finding this work manageable?
ˌmanageaˈbility noun
ˈmanagement noun
1. the art of managing. The management of this company is a difficult task.
2. or noun plural the managers of a firm etc as a group. The management has/have agreed to pay the workers more.
ˈmanagerfeminine ˌmanageˈress noun
a person who is in charge of eg a business, football team etc. the manager of the new store.
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This is not an issue if there are a small number of hosts, but in an enterprise setting, where there are typically hundreds or even thousands of hosts accessing SAN-based storage, the manageability of this distributed capability quickly becomes challenging.
In a head-to-head, comparative manageability cost study conducted by Edison Group, Oracle(R) Database 10g outperformed IBM DB2 Universal Database v8.
Additionally, attendees will observe Paceline's comprehensive manageability, including a familiar Command Line Interface (CLI), Web GUI and integration with the BMC PATROL management station.
Products Tested With ATCA Manageability Tester Can Now Achieve "Compliant to CP-TA v1.
Using PolyServe's ODM implementation, customers gain the same level of performance as a raw partition coupled with the superior manageability and availability benefits of Matrix Server.
Serial-Attached SCSI leverages industry investments in the SCSI command set to provide enterprise-class reliability, performance, and manageability.
The AMD Assured Program is designed to help commercial system builders identify AMD processor-based motherboards that provide stability and long-term availability, enable planned technology transitions, and offer standards-based manageability needed in commercial systems.
Treo 680 and Treo 700p Smartphones Now Offer Businesses Automatic Updates of Email, Calendar and Contacts with Enhanced Security and Manageability
IT managers are becoming increasingly unwilling to treat these characteristics as optional, and are looking for products that provide added value through manageability of scale and adaptability to a changing business environment.
The HP Remote Client Solutions portfolio is composed of centralized hardware, such as the HP Consolidated Client Infrastructure (CCI) blade PC solution, and software components from HP and its partners that are engineered to deliver higher levels of data security, computing reliability and manageability.
Apart from the increased bandwidth, the server market should greatly benefit from the addition of manageability features into the interface.
Compatibility, Performance and Manageability Gains Highlight Latest Release