managing editor

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man·ag·ing editor

An editor who supervises and coordinates the editorial activities of a publishing house or publication, such as a newspaper.

man′aging ed′itor

an editor who supervises the editorial processes of a publication or publishing house.
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Noun1.managing editor - the editor in charge of all editorial activities of a newspaper or magazinemanaging editor - the editor in charge of all editorial activities of a newspaper or magazine
editor, editor in chief - a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a text (especially of a newspaper or magazine)
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The managing editor was absent, and so I thought no more about it.
Judy Miller will be managing editor for news; most recently assistant managing editor for metro, Miller earlier worked for the San Francisco Chronicle.
Wood joined The Packer newspaper in 1997 as Managing Editor and was named Editor in 1999.
Peggy Bellows, managing editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia; Jan Touney, managing editor of the Quad-City Times in Davenport, Iowa; Adell Crowe, staff development editor of USA Today in McLean, Va.
NEW YORK & PARIS -- The International Herald Tribune (IHT) announced today that Michael Oreskes, deputy managing editor of The New York Times, has been named executive editor of the IHT.
Long, a Philadelphia Inquirer deputy managing editor, has been appointed to one of two managing editor positions, the paper revealed today, adding that she is the first African-American woman in that post.
Previously King had been managing editor of the Texas paper and city editor and assistant managing editor of the Tennessee paper.
Raju Narisetti, currently managing editor of The Wall Street Journal Europe, will succeed Mr.
The Korea Times appointed Shim Jae-yun, 53, as its managing editor, Thursday.
She joined the Cox organization in 2000 as managing editor of The Atlanta (Ga.
Whitmore started his career in digital media as managing editor of Edmunds.
Abramson is currently managing editor of The New York Times, a position she has held eight years.

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