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n. pl. manat
See Table at currency.

[Azerbaijani and Turkmen, from Russian moneta, coin, from Latin monēta, coinage; see money.]


1. (Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Azerbaijan, divided into 100 gopik
2. (Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Turkmenistan, divided into 100 tenesi
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Noun1.manat - the basic unit of money in Turkmenistanmanat - the basic unit of money in Turkmenistan
Turkmen monetary unit - monetary unit in Turkmenistan
2.manat - the basic unit of money in Azerbaijanmanat - the basic unit of money in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani monetary unit - monetary unit in Azerbaijan
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The official exchange rate of US dollar and euro to Azerbaijani manat for March 16 was set at 1.
Minister of Economy Shahin Mustafayev and project manager Mehriban Akhundova informed the head of state and his wife that the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support of the Ministry of Economy allocated a 10 million manat soft loan to create plants with a total cost of 144 million manat.
5 Manat per liter instead of older price of one Manat per liter.
The delegation comprising Dr Manat Taskeen, Dr Orkun Yildrim and Dr Fateh visited various section of Rescue 1122 Office and inspected various emergency vehicles.
9bn in December 2017, the monetary base in manat started to decline, falling 6.
Raul Villocino, provincial disaster action officer, said flooding had subsided in most of Compostela Valley's 11 towns, with water levels at the Manat and Agusan Rivers going back to normal as the weather improved early Monday.
The bank had to make the move because households and banks continue to prefer dollars after the manat was devalued twice last year.
This comes as the weaker manat pushes up the debt servicing burden for borrowers amid deteriorating market conditions.
The possibility of a devaluation of the Turkmen manat has significantly increased in light of Russian gas conglomerate Gazprom's decision in early January to discontinue purchases of Turkmen gas.
As a result, the exchange rate of the US dollar and euro to manat rose by 47.
exorbitant fines totalling more than 65,000 manat (approx 65,000 euros).
The domestic market purchased food wheat and polymer granules totaling more than 262 thousand manat ($74.