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1. A pointed oval shape used in medieval Christian art as an aureole to surround a sacred figure.

[Italian, almond, mandorla, from Vulgar Latin *amendola, almond, alteration of Latin amygdala; see almond.]


(Art Terms) (in painting, sculpture, etc) an almond-shaped area of light, usually surrounding the resurrected Christ or the Virgin at the Assumption. Also called: vesica
[from Italian, literally: almond, from Late Latin amandula; see almond]
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The jewellery, the naturalistic sow's head on the side of the head of the main figure, and the curved knife held against the mandorla rim are of extraordinary detail.
In thid place was Pistacchio Italiano con croccante di mandorla, made by the gelato artisans Claudio Bearesi & Cesare Cellie of the gelato shop Bacio Gelato from Dubai.
They grasp the edges of the mandorla framing Christ as if presenting him--the focus of the composition, of the gospels they represent, and of believers' lives.
So, the 24-year-old from Eugene started a pop-up business called Mandorla at La Perla Pizzeria to try her hand at selling her pastries twice a month on Sunday mornings, when the Eugene pizzeria is closed.
In the icon of the resurrection, as is common for many icons, the central most mandorla (circle) surrounding Jesus is black and meant to indicate the ultimate depth of the divine life out from which Jesus comes.
For example, she identifies almost imperceptible traces of the underdrawing for a mandorla on the stonework to either side of the wooden panel upon which a representation of God the Father now presides over the frescoed scene of heaven, situated above the chancel arch.
He has criticism in The CEA Critic, The Faulkner Journal, and Mandorla.
Avevano i bordi bianchi e alti un paio di millimetri (era il grasso e la pelle), si aprivano a forma di mandorla, dentro erano marrone.
TOP jazz saxophonist Carlos Lopez-Real is bringing his new band, Mandorla, to Huddersfield Jazz Club on April 25.
She places color in a dark/light polarity (as did her father in his final, black and white mandorla paintings), substituting the blues for one and the yellows for the other.
1410, described by Gibson in The Theater of Devotion, in which the fetal John the Baptist kneels among the "sculptured bowels of his mother" while the fetal Jesus "waits not among detailed intestines but within a mandorla of glory on which traces of gold paint are still visible" (8).
From her exploration of female spirituality in its Gaia manifestation with The Singing (1989), two massive female heads emerging from the ground, their open mouths chthonic gateways, Klix started experimenting with earth vulvas, mandorla shaped clay vessel forms representing the creative feminine principle.