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 (mə-no͞o′vər, -nyo͞o′-)
a. A movement or combination of movements involving skill and dexterity: a gymnastics maneuver.
b. A controlled change in movement or direction of a moving vehicle or vessel, as in the flight path of an aircraft.
a. A strategic or tactical military or naval movement.
b. often maneuvers A large-scale tactical exercise carried out under simulated conditions of war.
a. A skillful or cunning action undertaken to gain an end: "the canny maneuvers of a man after money and ease" (Cynthia Ozick). See Synonyms at wile.
b. The undertaking of such actions: "a skilled diplomat's eye for maneuver" (Garry Wills).
v. ma·neu·vered, ma·neu·ver·ing, ma·neu·vers
1. To make a controlled series of changes in movement or direction toward an objective: maneuvered to get closer to the stage.
2. To carry out a military or naval maneuver.
3. To act with skill or cunning in gaining an end: The opposition maneuvered to force a vote.
1. To move or direct through a series of movements or changes in course: maneuvered the drill into position; maneuvered the car through traffic.
2. To alter the tactical placement of (troops or warships).
3. To manipulate into a desired position or toward a predetermined goal: maneuvered him into signing the contract.

[French manœuvre, from Old French maneuvre, manual work, from Medieval Latin manuopera, from Latin manū operārī, to work by hand : manū, ablative of manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots + operārī, to work; see op- in Indo-European roots.]

ma·neu′ver·a·bil′i·ty n.
ma·neu′ver·a·ble adj.
ma·neu′ver·er n.
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Noun1.maneuverability - the quality of being maneuverablemaneuverability - the quality of being maneuverable  
mobility - the quality of moving freely
weatherliness - (of a sailing vessel) the quality of being able to sail close to the wind with little drift to the leeward (even in a stiff wind); "the Spanish ships had superior speed and weatherliness"
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In addition to the requirements of din en 1846, draft din 14502, part 2 and din 14530, part 8, particular attention must be paid to maneuverability, off-road capability and maneuverability.
Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems is offering the Optimaxx 6x2 liftable forward tandem axle as an exclusive for Freightliner Trucks' new Cascadia tractor, citing the component's weight reduction, fuel saving, improved traction and maneuverability benefits.
The helicopters are among the most advanced armored-combat choppers which enjoy high maneuverability and are equipped with various heavy weapons," the ministry said, adding, "The new choppers will play a crucial role in defeating ISIL terrorists across the country.
Maneuverability within and unfettered access to the EM spectrum is a key warfighting advantage, according to the Chief of Navy Operations Adm.
Engineered with operator comfort and productivity, the 4150 and 4250 stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks offer high visibility, increased maneuverability with agile steering and shorter head length.
Since the introduction of the 1st Generation RAV4 in 1994, the world's first compact crossover, a new segment was made available combining the benefits of the SUVs with the maneuverability and the better fuel efficiency of a sedan car.
Due to the unit's maneuverability and suction, it can also be used as a portable central vacuum system with one, two or three operators using local tubing networks in multiple areas, supporting a couple hundred feet of tubing.
Further, the 10x4 configuration makes for excellent maneuverability even in arduous operating conditions.
A curved tip for improved maneuverability around hard-to-reach tissues and vessels.
When working in tough dock environments and traveling over uneven floors, operators of stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks rely on comfort, a clear line of sight and maneuverability from their trucks to achieve maximum performance and efficiency throughout their shifts.
The crew declared an IFE and successfully landed near min fuel at an unfamiliar field, down one generator, inop anti-skid, and with reduced maneuverability after a 4.
The 1720 CCS Stack-Fold Planter combines the productivity of the Central Commodity System and the performance of Pro-Series XP[TM] with the maneuverability of an integral planter.