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A style of comic strip or comic book originally developed in Japan, characterized by stylized colorful art and often adult themes.

[Japanese : man, unrestrained, careless (from Early Middle Chinese manh; also the source of Mandarin màn) + ga, sketch, picture (borrowed after the Middle Chinese period from a Chinese source, perhaps Mandarin hu´, from Middle Chinese xɦwa⋮j`).]


n, pl manga
(Journalism & Publishing)
a. a type of Japanese comic book with an adult theme
b. (as modifier): manga videos.


(ˈmɑŋ gə, ˈmæŋ-)
a Japanese graphic novel, typically intended for adults, characterized by highly stylized art.
[1985–90; < Japanese, literally, cartoon, comic strip]


nManga m, japanischer Comic
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The strategy holds great promise to improve the business environment for manga producers and former pirates (or privateers).
While many parents are puzzled by the fascination with manga (pronounced MON-guh), Walker said she gets it.
As the molten rock continues its ascent, those bubbles grow and the magma expands and becomes less dense, says Michael Manga, a volcanologist at the University of California, Berkeley.
SPANISH holiday resort La Manga, popular as a training camp for soccer sides including the England football team, has been sold for pounds 102m.
It was evident in the traditional nihonga painting in which Murakami himself was trained (to PhD level) and in the ukiyo-e prints of Hiroshige; it pervaded the fantasy worlds of manga and anime; and it informed the work of a new generation of artists, illustrators, designers, and animators whose products were showcased in the "Superflat" exhibition that toured America.
ARMAGH face Meath next Saturday in a high profile football friendly before jetting out to La Manga for a five day pre-championship camp.
What sets tire best of manga apart from the graphic equivalent of pulp novels is not only the complexity and nuance of their plots, but also the sophistication of their presentation.
Organizers of the association, which will be based in the research center, are urging manga artists and manga fans to take part in its activities.
1) Louise Xu, 14, of Reseda, and James Tang, 12, of Tarzana, look at manga graphic novels available for checkout at the Northridge Branch Library.
A feature story on manga, headlined, ''Manga reading program promotes literacy among Los Angeles teens,'' and sent earlier, is accompanied by one photo, which is available via e-mail.
Q You're about to celebrate 10 years of Manga, did you think you'd make it this far?
If one could earn a black belt in Japanese artistry, Karen Remsen, 16, did when she scored a top prize in Tokyopop's manga competition.