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 (măng′gə-bā′, -bē′)
n. pl. man·ga·beys
Any of various large forest-dwelling African monkeys of two genera, one (Cercocebus) consisting of chiefly terrestrial species, and the other (Lophocebus) consisting of chiefly arboreal species.

[After Mangabey, a place in Madagascar from which Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon received specimens of the animals, which he erroneously believed were native to the island.]


(Animals) any of several large agile arboreal Old World monkeys of the genus Cercocebus, of central Africa, having long limbs and tail and white upper eyelids
[C18: after the name of a region in Madagascar]
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Noun1.mangabey - large agile arboreal monkey with long limbs and tail and white upper eyelidsmangabey - large agile arboreal monkey with long limbs and tail and white upper eyelids
catarrhine, Old World monkey - of Africa or Arabia or Asia; having nonprehensile tails and nostrils close together
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tuberculosis Spoligotype International Type (SIT) 52 in a recently imported sooty mangabey (Cercocebus atys) from South Africa to Thailand.
Project Description:This project aims at in-situ conservation of threatened Red Capped Mangabey occurring within Mbiakong River Basin.
The list was announced as ZSL London Zoo welcomed two new female mangabey monkeys, one of the rarest primates in the world and which features in the top 10, from Dublin Zoo to boost the breeding programme for the endangered species.
In 1962, he bought chimpanzees Mickey and Tony for PS58/6/8 each, while a year earlier he supplied six gibbons at PS35 each and gifted two sooty mangabey monkeys.
Some of the world's most endangered species will be counted for the first time, including a pair of Sumatran tigers and Ziggy, a white naped mangabey.
Species presented include the baboon, chimpanzee, gibbon, gorilla, Japanese macaque, mangabey, Allen's swamp monkey, De Brazza's monkey, the sacred baboon, and the orangutan.
KWS also indicated that elephants, wild dogs, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, Sitatunga (an antelope), Tana crested mangabey, and Tana red colobus monkeys are endangered wildlife species in Kenya.
Yes, there is game too - over 70 species including predators like the sly and elusive leopard, the golden cat, serval, genet and civet cats, and also colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey, blue as well as red-tailed monkey, mountain monkeys, golden monkeys, owl-faced monkeys, and even chimpanzees even - important for most visitors, but for me almost on the mundane side of things.
Sanje mangabey Cercocebus sanjei kills and African Crowned Eagle Stephanoaetus coronatus.
Baboons, gorillas, barbary apes, spider monkeys, woolly monkeys, rhesus monkeys, celebes monkeys, celeb monkeys (I'm thinking the one who hung around with Tarzan and that bloke which starred in Every Which Way But Loose), capuchins, tufted capuchins, tamarins, emperor tamarins, langurs, spectacled langurs, mandrills, mangabey, macaques, marmosets, howlers and - the very funkiest of the all, as immortalised by The Goodies' 1975 hit single - the gibbon.
One newborn mangabey, for example, the only baby in its group at the time, earned about 10 minutes of fur cleaning and combing for its mom.
Isolation of a T-lymphotropic retrovirus from naturally infected sooty mangabey monkeys (Cercocebus atys).