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man·gle 1

tr.v. man·gled, man·gling, man·gles
1. To mutilate or disfigure by battering, hacking, cutting, or tearing: fishing nets that mangle fish.
2. To ruin or spoil through ineptitude or ignorance: mangle a speech.

[Middle English manglen, from Anglo-Norman mangler, frequentative of Old French mangoner, to cut to bits; possibly akin to mahaignier, to maim; see mayhem.]

man′gler n.
Synonyms: mangle, maim1, maul, mutilate
These verbs mean to cause severe injury or damage: machinery that mangled the worker's fingers; a construction worker maimed in an accident; a hiker mauled by a hungry bear; soldiers mutilated by shrapnel.

man·gle 2

1. A machine for pressing fabrics by means of heated rollers.
2. Chiefly British A clothes wringer.
tr.v. man·gled, man·gling, man·gles
To press with a mangle.

[Dutch mangel, from German, from Middle High German, diminutive of mange, mangonel, from Late Latin manganum, catapult; see mangonel.]
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Adj.1.mangled - having edges that are jagged from injurymangled - having edges that are jagged from injury
injured - harmed; "injured soldiers"; "injured feelings"


[ˈmæŋgəld] adj
[body] → mutilé(e)
the mangled wreckage [car] → l'épave méconnaissable
References in classic literature ?
The youth in front threw serious but furtive glances at the mangled victims, as he stepped lightly across the plain, afraid to exhibit his feelings, and yet too inexperienced to quell entirely their sudden and powerful influence.
Being reinforced, we returned to bury the dead, and found their bodies strewed every where, cut and mangled in a dreadful manner.
Her life had hardly begun--and here she lay murdered-- mangled, tortured to death!
We bore her home, all mangled and drenched in blood, and knelt by her and listened to her broken and wandering words, and prayed for her passing spirit, and there was no comfort - nor ever will be, I think.
His mangled body sank out of sight, and blood and brains marked the water where he had stood.
The form that was to be doomed to be so shamefully mangled, was the sight; the immortal creature that was to be so butchered and torn asunder, yielded the sensation.
Yet that impi was somewhat the worse, but one-third of those lived who looked on the sun without the forest; the rest lay smitten, torn, mangled, dead, hidden under the heaps of bodies of wild beasts.
This we did, and the sails were hoisted, but before we had made any way the rocs reached their despoiled nest and hovered about it, uttering frightful cries when they discovered the mangled remains of their young one.
If the former were quick enough with his pistol he might live to ride again, though upon some other beast; if not, his torn and mangled body was gathered up by his women and burned in accordance with Tharkian custom.
The murderer was gone long ago; but there lay his victim in the middle of the lane, incredibly mangled.
The flowers which had been round her neck we found upon her mother's bosom, and her throat was bare, showing the two little wounds which we had noticed before, but looking horribly white and mangled.
I should have gone on, but he stayed there thinking over the mangled rabbit in a puzzle-headed way.