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n.1.(Zool.) Any species of the genus Manis, or family Manidæ.
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of 150w hpsvl fittings at various locations in nalla pochamma basthi mekala manid hanuman nagar in gowlipura division (41) of chatrinaka package (circle-4) in chandrayangutta cosntituency in view of swach hyderabad (unit.
Sub-Inspector Fiaz Akbar from Sabzi Manid police station apprehended Dost Muhammad for possessing 30 bore pistol while ASI Nur Elahi from Ramana police arrested two thieves Mukhtar Ahmed and Rubina Bibi.
Meanwhile, a pick pocket Nadir Khan was arrested by Sabzi Manid police besides recovery of two mobiles and Rs.
On a tip off, Station House Officer of Sabzi Manid police station Abid Ikram raided at House N0.
Sabzi Manid police nabbed a drug pusher identified as Akbar and recovered 1.
Highlighting the performance of Industrial Area Circle, SP Ishaq Warraich said that Industrial area and Sabzi Manid police stations busted four gangs of dacoits and drug pushers and nabbed a total of 56 persons during the last one month besides recovering looted items worth Rs.