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As the Japanese said, it was this "flying telephone" that enabled Oyama to manipulate his forces as handily as though he were playing a game of chess.
Bill would work swiftly and painfully, for the carrier was high and hard for him to manipulate.
They seemed puny and futile implements of safety against an even ordinary swordsman, but I was later to see the purpose of them and with what wondrous dexterity the yellow men manipulate them.
Deep in the beast's intelligence was something which assured him that the thunder-stick was only dangerous when in the hands of one who could manipulate it, but yet it was several minutes ere he could bring himself to touch it.
Carelessly he dropped a hand to Michael's ear, and, with tips of fingers instinct with sensuous sympathy, began to manipulate the base of the ear where its roots bedded in the tightness of skin- stretch over the skull.
How much more complex than this is the game of war, which occurs under certain limits of time, and where it is not one will that manipulates lifeless objects, but everything results from innumerable conflicts of various wills!
Attempts to manipulate Tibor were found after a Citigroup Inc employee in London reported suspicious activity.
The cloak, designed by Cheng Sun, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, uses micro fabricated gradient-index materials to manipulate the reflection and refraction of light.
The new approach may lead to circuitry that can manipulate exceptionally large amounts of data and introduce the delays often required for a chip to coordinate calculations and communications.
I suppose as long as I was ignorant of Canon law rules, he was free to manipulate "procedural norms.
He outlined three properties of nanotechnology that exemplify this critical definition: the evidence of new behavior, or novelty; the ability to measure, control, and/or manipulate the particles; and the integration of the nano-structure to larger structures.
Identify all staff who may manipulate various forms of tubing attached to patients, and consider whether that falls within their scope of practice; make it clear during orientation who should be performing those tasks and who should not, and offer practice in turning down requests by unqualified personnel to manipulate medical tubing.