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 (mə-nĭp′yə-lə-tĭv, -lā′-)
Serving, tending, or having the power to manipulate.
Any of various objects designed to be moved or arranged by hand as a means of developing motor skills or understanding abstractions, especially in mathematics.

ma·nip′u·la·tive·ly adv.
ma·nip′u·la′tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.manipulatively - in an artfully manipulative manner
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This decision was made jointly, including the group of the dissatisfied, who today manipulatively announced another date.
In Kenya, the country's extensive Bill of Rights as the hallmark of the country's 2010 constitution, one of Africa's most liberal, has been manipulatively deployed by human rights fundamentalists to advance partisan politics and undermine state security.
Bocanegra accused the Policarpios of milking the situation for 'more sympathy,' of acting manipulatively, when in fact they only acted naturally.
I am persuaded, my dear Clementina," she tells her young visitor, genuinely enough, it seems, but also certainly manipulatively, "that the mutual unbosoming of secrets is the cement of faithful Friendship"; "what a gloom, what a darkness, must possess that mind that can trust no friend with its inmost thoughts
In any case, in light of the Vegas massacre, the word "terrorism" is once again being used so inconsistently and so manipulatively by the Global West and their media lackeys that it no longer has any discernible meaning at all.
Of course today we know that the deficit had been manipulatively changed based on Goldman-Sachs' legal help.
Instead, the rules constrain lawyers who are skilled in the arts of empathy and narrative, lest they manipulatively control the thoughts of an unsuspecting judge or jury.
A contentious figure since at least his appointment as Omar's second-in-command in 2010, Akhtar came to power in a process that his critics allege was manipulatively fast-tracked to undercut any potential competitors.
Surpanakha's subaltern otherness as an ogress and her social ostracism by being manipulatively dispossessed of language is not seen here.
Imperial authorities acted manipulatively, seeking to adapt policies to a great variety of disparate local conditions as well as their internal contradictions.
Texts glorifying the music and musical culture of the Soviet Union and its leader, Stalin --in addition to an unscrupulous critique of quarter-tone music, atonality and "elitist modernism"--together with demonstratively and manipulatively formulated opinions stressing the necessity of accommodating to popular taste --led a number of artists to apply theses and trot out platitudes akin to the directive formulations of Zhdanovism.
In hopes of using Mouchette as an alibi, the paranoid Arsene manipulatively leads her to his hideouts.