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 (mə-nĭp′yə-lə-tĭv, -lā′-)
Serving, tending, or having the power to manipulate.
Any of various objects designed to be moved or arranged by hand as a means of developing motor skills or understanding abstractions, especially in mathematics.

ma·nip′u·la·tive·ly adv.
ma·nip′u·la′tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.manipulatively - in an artfully manipulative manner
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In any case, the word "terrorism" is being used so inconsistently and so manipulatively by the Global West and their media that it no longer has any discernible meaning at all.
It is a sad, tragic fact that Einstein's name today has been hijacked, misappropriated, and misused in the said way by the throngs of aggressively narrow-minded and self-promoting scientific imitators and popularizers (and "launderers" of shallow scientific outputs, opinions, and hypernarrations) the world over: they typically and consensually announce a plethora of trivial toy models of physics and the Universe and (by the blind forces of "status quo" consisting of greedy and petty power grabbers, false opinion manufacturers, and all their stooges) often force and entrench them as prevailing dogmas while hiding rather cowardly and manipulatively behind Einstein's stature.
In his successful, if manipulatively racist, bid for re-election, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that there would be no Palestinian state on his watch.
The woman manipulatively asks her companion, 'Do you love me enough to wear it now?
Anatolia is accused of registering fake results to their system to manipulatively show Erdoy-an in the lead and then gradually decreasing the rates in later hours to draw them in line with the actual results.
patentees with strong bargaining power manipulatively use injunction
It is used manipulatively by real estate agents to suggest an olden-times community, but, I would think, most people would know the neighbourhood more as Bloor West Village than Swansea.
Both Ouida stories are simply plotted, manipulatively sentimental tales of suffering and loss inflicted upon idealized peasants.
It's another thing to manipulatively mislead someone and their affections.
who his Charlie, 31, said: "You should never touch a young girl anyway, but he very, very manipulatively and very slowly sexually assaulted me.
a short story that was part of the Delhi Noir anthology published in 2009, the film is neither manipulatively 'bold' nor exploitatively 'erotic'.
The new minister of justice, after all, is one of the engineers of the electoral procedure that unjustly and manipulatively brought the Muslim Brotherhood to where they are today.