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or man·i·tu  (măn′ĭ-to͞o′) also man·i·to (-tō′)
n. pl. man·i·tous or man·i·tus also man·i·tos
1. In Algonquian religious belief, a supernatural power that permeates the world, possessed in varying degrees by both spirits and humans.
2. A deity or spirit.

[French, from Ojibwa manitoo.]


(ˈmænɪˌtuː) or




n, pl -tous, -tus, -tos, -tou, -tu or -to
(Other Non-Christian Religions) (among the Algonquian Indians) a deified spirit or force
[C17: from Algonquian; related to Ojibwa manito spirit]


or man•i•tu

(ˈmæn ɪˌtu)

also man•i•to


n., pl. -tous or -tus, also -tos.
(among Algonquian Indian peoples) any of a number of spirits residing in objects and phenomena of the natural world, as in animals, trees, water, the earth, and the sky.
[1665–75, Amer.; < Unami Delaware monə́t·u]
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Ltd, a solar products manufacturers, has collaborated with Manitu Solar, a PV distributor in Hungary.
I'd--ab ovo--Vladimir Putin, a manitu, prim Ida, Lvov, Obadiah, Eva, Hanna and Edna-Anna have?
When he goes flying, Manitu wears cameras and visitors can now join him, via virtual reality glasses.
Pues que se paren a contemplar su futuro, dejando aparte sus prisas por conseguir la aprobacion de la ANECA, ese gran Manitu, como los indios algonquines denominaban al Gran Espiritu.
Ya fuera de la ciudad, se une a la Alianza Secreta de Manitu, hermandad que lucha por restablecer el poder de los indios, a la que se suma el Ejercito Negro.
Opito is the only member of the tribe who refuses to believe the ball is indeed an incarnate of Manitu and begins to learn its true function.
The roughly contemporaneous surpu texts reveal that Sin also has control over the dispatch of manitu, "oath-curse," that is, a curse imbedded in an oath.
Incluso tal vez seamos parte de Dios como pensaba Plotino, meister Eckhart y muchos otros, o de Brahma como nos dicen los Upanishads, o de Manitu, o de la Pacha Mama o de otros, que en esencia son lo mismo".