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To calculate pressure in a
U-tube manometer, add the sum of the readings above and below zero. The manometer on the right shows a reading of 4.


1. An instrument used for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases.
2. A sphygmomanometer.

[Greek manos, sparse; see men- in Indo-European roots + -meter.]

man′o·met′ric (măn′ə-mĕt′rĭk), man′o·met′ri·cal adj.
man′o·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
ma·nom′e·try n.
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He had not been forgetful of "Visible Speech" all this while, but had been making experiments with two remarkable machines--the phonautograph and the manometric capsule, by means of which the vibrations of sound were made plainly visible.
13-15) Therefore, it is important to be aware of the spectrum of manometric findings in these patients.
UES/pharyngeal manometric information is especially important in patients with dysphagia and globus pharyngeus.
If the clinical and manometric results obtained during the test period are favorable, a definitive electrode is inserted, anchored to the periosteum, and channeled through subcutaneous tissue to the neurostimulator, which is placed in a subcutaneous pouch in the lower abdomen.
Indeed, at 1 year, 90% of patients showed strong improvement in manometric measurements of anorectal coordination, rectal sensation, and balloon expulsion.
One hundred microliters of sample, corresponding to about 2 mg of protein hydrolysate, were injected into an HPLC system (Gilson) consisting of models 305 and 306 pumps, a model 811C dynamic mixer, a model 805 manometric module, and an Aspec XL autosampler.
Porter et al reported on the use of manometric rhinometry.
The chromatographic apparatus consisted of a Model 305 pump combined with a Model 306 pump, a Model 805 manometric module, and a Model 811B dynamic mixing chamber (all from Gilson).
Pumping heads are given as total manometric head (TMH).
Manometric study of complete ostial occlusion in chronic maxillary atelectasis.
In this paper, we add information on three new cases of progressive frontal hyperpneumatization or pneumosinus dilatans to the body of knowledge, and we devote special attention to histologic and manometric data.
The subject of the public contract is the supply 1 pcs High Resolution manometric system, including pH-impedance with facilities for the Department of Surgery University Hospital Ostrava.