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1. See mantis.
2. A mantis in the family Mantidae.

[From New Latin Mantidae, family name, from Mantis, type genus, from Greek mantis, seer; see mantis.]


(ˈmæn tɪs)

also mantid

n., pl. -tis•es, -tes (-tēz) also -tids.
any of several predaceous insects of the family Mantidae, having a long prothorax and typically holding the forelegs in an upraised position as if in prayer.
[1650–60; < New Latin < Greek, prophet; akin to mania]
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Noun1.mantid - predacious long-bodied large-eyed insect of warm regionsmantid - predacious long-bodied large-eyed insect of warm regions; rests with forelimbs raised as in prayer
dictyopterous insect - cockroaches and mantids
genus Mantis - type genus of the Mantidae: mantises
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Manny the mantid clings to a branch of the mint plant that attracted many of his meals.
Honma and his colleagues offered grasshoppers to a range of predators with different killing styles: Japanese quail, spiders, big mantid insects, and small frogs.
Some of the ones on display are quitebeautiful and rare, such as the Malaysian dead leaf mantid.
Members of the family Torymidae feed upon gall insects, mantid eggs and certain seeds, while the family Diapriidae are reliant upon certain groups of Dipterans, especially those that feed upon fungi.
He knew the laboratory tales and naturalists' anecdotes: A voracious mantid female beheads her mate without diminishing his performance.
Total quantity or scope: Coverage may amount to about 80 million SEK per year refers to machinery and mantid.
You'll meet "Super Mini-Beasts," "Menacing Mantids," and "Ever-Eating Beetles," in some of the chapters, all illustrated with colorful photos and illustrations from the Royal British Columbia Museum.
Spiders, wasps, mantids, lizards, and rodents eat them.
The company's tests in the lab and in cottonfields have shown that the virus is harmless to beneficial insects - honey bees, ladybugs, and praying mantids, for example.
I was just about to remove it and try a more garden-worthy specimen when, lo and behold, I discovered a colony of praying mantids hopping from stem to stem at the base of my 'Maraschino' sage.