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tr.v. man·u·mit·ted, man·u·mit·ting, man·u·mits
To free from slavery or bondage; emancipate.

[Middle English manumitten, from Old French manumitter, from Latin manūmittere : manū, ablative of manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots + mittere, to send from.]

man′u·mis′sion (-mĭsh′ən) n.
man′u·mit′ter n.


vb, -mits, -mitting or -mitted
(tr) to free from slavery, servitude, etc; emancipate
[C15: from Latin manūmittere to release, from manū from one's hand + ēmittere to send away]
ˌmanuˈmitter n


(ˌmæn yəˈmɪt)

v.t. -mit•ted, -mit•ting.
to release from slavery or servitude.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin manūmittere=manū, abl. of manus the authority of a father, master, etc., literally, hand + mittere to release, let go]
man`u•mis′sion, n.
man`u•mit′ter, n.


Past participle: manumitted
Gerund: manumitting

I manumit
you manumit
he/she/it manumits
we manumit
you manumit
they manumit
I manumitted
you manumitted
he/she/it manumitted
we manumitted
you manumitted
they manumitted
Present Continuous
I am manumitting
you are manumitting
he/she/it is manumitting
we are manumitting
you are manumitting
they are manumitting
Present Perfect
I have manumitted
you have manumitted
he/she/it has manumitted
we have manumitted
you have manumitted
they have manumitted
Past Continuous
I was manumitting
you were manumitting
he/she/it was manumitting
we were manumitting
you were manumitting
they were manumitting
Past Perfect
I had manumitted
you had manumitted
he/she/it had manumitted
we had manumitted
you had manumitted
they had manumitted
I will manumit
you will manumit
he/she/it will manumit
we will manumit
you will manumit
they will manumit
Future Perfect
I will have manumitted
you will have manumitted
he/she/it will have manumitted
we will have manumitted
you will have manumitted
they will have manumitted
Future Continuous
I will be manumitting
you will be manumitting
he/she/it will be manumitting
we will be manumitting
you will be manumitting
they will be manumitting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been manumitting
you have been manumitting
he/she/it has been manumitting
we have been manumitting
you have been manumitting
they have been manumitting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been manumitting
you will have been manumitting
he/she/it will have been manumitting
we will have been manumitting
you will have been manumitting
they will have been manumitting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been manumitting
you had been manumitting
he/she/it had been manumitting
we had been manumitting
you had been manumitting
they had been manumitting
I would manumit
you would manumit
he/she/it would manumit
we would manumit
you would manumit
they would manumit
Past Conditional
I would have manumitted
you would have manumitted
he/she/it would have manumitted
we would have manumitted
you would have manumitted
they would have manumitted
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Verb1.manumit - free from slavery or servitudemanumit - free from slavery or servitude  
set free, liberate - grant freedom to; "The students liberated their slaves upon graduating from the university"


To set at liberty:
Slang: spring.
Idiom: let loose.
References in classic literature ?
In these excursions he was usually accompanied by an old negro, called Jupiter, who had been manumitted before the reverses of the family, but who could be induced, neither by threats nor by promises, to abandon what he considered his right of attendance upon the footsteps of his young "Massa Will.
George Washington manumitted his slaves; he provided life-long support for the older ones, and funded training for younger ones to learn trades to make them free and self-supporting.
89), bought and manumitted members of her family (including her own mother), accumulated considerable wealth, owned enslaved people, and left generous bequests to her white male friends and extended family.
This argument was accepted by the majority of official investigators, who advised treating the woman as a widow rather than a manumitted slave, leading to a considerable reduction in her punishment for property tax evasion (pp.
He further argued that the references to slaves and freedmen in the Digest, a collection of texts dating before the fourth century, occur about three times as often as from "the one hundred years after [CE] 193 (the period of supposed decline) as from the three hundred years before" and that slave legislation comprises 51 of the 154 articles in the Edict of Theodoric, a barbarian code, also citing multiple mass manumissions recorded in Late Antiquity like those of Melania, who manumitted 8,000 of her slaves in one day (96, 129).
Diegues's portrayal of Chica as anomalous in her time contradicts the notion of a majority racially mixed colonial nation; conversely, envisioning Chica as one of many freed black and mulatta women depicts a romanticized picture of the liberty and freedom of manumitted slaves and their social mobility.
Unproductive slaves, like those who were elderly or handicapped, were sometimes manumitted so that their owners no longer had to take care of them.
Her overall emotional condition can be treated as the allegory relative to the attitudes many manumitted black slaves held after the Emancipation Proclamation.
His dislike of the institution was exacerbated by his efforts to execute his father-in-law's will, which manumitted Parke Custis's slaves.
Here Shulman draws on Orlando Patterson's work on slavery as 'social death' to make the case that redemption is a literal rebirth in Morrison's imagery: 'a manumitted slave is reborn as a member of a community from which social death had excluded him' (p.