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Although slightly lower in alcohol, sweet Sherries (sweetened Olorosos, cream Sherries, Pedro Ximenez) have a similarly long shelf life; while drier Sherries (Finos, Manzanillas, dry Amontillados) need to be consumed shortly after opening.
The paler, lighter wines are set aside to become Finos or Manzanillas and are fortified with brandy up to 15% alcohol content.
It's great to review one of my favourite drinks and this is one of the best Manzanillas around at a good price.
Those wines growing the thickest flor become finos and manzanillas.
Sherry comes in various styles, from the bone dry Finos and salty Manzanillas - always served chilled - to the nutty Amontilados and rich, raisiny Olorossos.
There's the bone-dry finos and salty manzanillas - always served chilled - to the nutty amontillados and rich olorosos.