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geographer - an expert on geography
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Google shut down its Map Maker feature Tuesday and started allowing users to add topographical features including roads, highways, and rivers directly on Google Maps.
There is no road ahead for autonomous driving without precise and continuously updated roadmaps; and Microsoft sees at least one route to that future by partnering with dashboard device and map maker TomTom.
Google Map Maker is being killed off as of March 2017, and its features are being moved into Google Maps.
10 -- Google has announced that it will retire Map Maker and bundle its features into Maps by March 2017.
Among these cops include SHO Sadar, SHO Thikriwala Mazhar Irfan, Muharrar of D-Type Colony police station Humayun Akhtar, constables Javaid Iqbal, Zahid Hussain, Naseem, Tariq, Ayub, Abdul Haq and Faisal, map maker of Chak Jhumra police station Orangzaib, In-charge police post Barala Iftikhar Hussain and constable Sajid Ali.
GOOGLE has been forced to halt its Map Maker service after a user planted an image of a Google Android robot urinating on the Apple logo on a map of Pakistan.
A spokesman said the company was looking into how the words came to be added, possibly through Google's Map Maker service where anyone can make changes or additions.
He became a sailor and a map maker when he grew up.
Among these are the maps of Glamorgan and Cardiff produced by the celebrated British Stuart map maker John Speed in 1610, William Blaeu's 1640 map of Glamorgan, William Yates' map of Glamorgan of 1799 and a range of many smaller estate plans from the period.
Bot Roda began his solo career as a cartoon map maker in 1994 when he let his love of all things artistically animated guide him to open Bot Roda Studio.
The map, created by a group of volunteer "citizen cartographers" using an interface known as Google Map Maker, allowed users to submit data which others could then fact check, The Washington Post reported.
Google launched its Map Maker tool in the UK, allowing people to add local information such as building outlines, hiking trials, rivers, railways and more to Google Maps.