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A person who makes maps; a cartographer.

map′mak′ing (-mā′kĭng) n.


(Professions) a person who makes geographical maps


(ˈmæpˌmeɪ kər)



[ˈmæpˌmeɪkəʳ] Ncartógrafo/a m/f
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The ability to edit and moderate Google map features will continue to be available, but only directly at Google Maps rather than at mapmaker.
has reported Japanese digital mapmaker Zenrin Company Ltd.
Comparing Scotland's rivers Mapmaker William Home Lizars (1788-1859) Title A comparative view of the lengths of the principal rivers of Scotland.
He worked for the Bureau of Oceans and International Environment and Scientific Affairs, where his knowledge of the Middle East and background as a geographer, mapmaker and remote sensing expert were prized.
In 1933, mapmaker Harry Beck ditched accuracy in favor of efficiency
The launch of this Map Input Tracker API, combined with the recent launch of MultiNet-R, means TomTom can now deliver high quality, real-time map updates to customers faster than any other mapmaker on the market.
A mapmaker by profession,'' the article said, "he made up his mind to provide the public with maps to prevent such situations.
Work on the map began in 2009 using information that was already public, much of it available on the Internet, said volunteer mapmaker Hwang Min-woo, 28, of Seoul.
At the center is the singular individual who is a mapmaker and a map user.
Stephen Johnson, who worked on Kylie Minogue's famous video, Please Stay, is hoping The Mapmaker - starring Charles Dance and Jenny Agutter - attracts widespread critical acclaim when it premiers at film festivals across the world later this year.
Mapmaker Zenrin adds post-disaster temporary housing info to maps