marabou stork

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Noun1.Marabou stork - large African black-and-white carrion-eating storkmarabou stork - large African black-and-white carrion-eating stork; its downy underwing feathers are used to trim garments
marabou - the downy feathers of marabou storks are used for trimming garments
stork - large mostly Old World wading birds typically having white-and-black plumage
genus Leptoptilus, Leptoptilus - adjutant birds and marabous
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1) Trainspotting (2) Life of Pi (3) Marabou Stork Nightmares CALL 0900 586 6747 and follow instructions (61p/ min) OR TEXT the word DR6 followed by a space then your answer (1, 2 or 3), your name, full address including postcode and email address to 85858 (PS1.
The 17-year-old female, a marabou stork, native to sub-Saharan Africa, has an impressive wingspan of around 1.
This is rather cleverly reinforced through the daily flying demonstrations where visitors can get up close to hawks, owls, vultures and even a Marabou stork.
IT has the looks only a mother could love, but keepers at a UK zoo are overjoyed at the progress made by only the second marabou stork to be hatched in the country.
With its gruesome feeding habits, it's no wonder the marabou stork is nicknamed the "undertaker bird.
8-meter-tall marabou stork on an Indonesian island once home to human-like 'hobbits'.
Mandy the marabou stork arrived two years ago at Kielder Water Birds of Prey Centre, in Northumberland, with part of her lower beak missing.
And boy, is the marabou stork the personification of evil.
The deaths documented in birds receiving carprofen and flunixin included three black vultures and a spoonbill from Eurasia, a Marabou stork from Africa, and, from the Americas, two Harris's hawks, a red-legged seriema, and two northern saw-whet owls.
From the original 1996 play's cast Ewen Bremner, who played Renton, has gone on to star as James VI in the Virgin Queen, Michelle Gomez who played Alison has gone on to star in Green Wing, Billy Boyd, who played Tommy, popped up in Lord of the Rings as Pippin and director Hary Gibson has gone on to make a name for himself adapting Welsh's other novel Marabou Stork Nightmares for theatre.
4 -- 5) The sights on a road-based safari trip through Kenya and Tanzania include a massive marabou stork (with an 8-foot wingspan), left, and a giraffe, looking for eye-level food - meaning 18 to 20 feet off the ground.
Several of Irvine's novels, notably Glue, Filth and Marabou Stork Nightmares, explore suicide.