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mar·a·bout 1

 (măr′ə-bo͞o′, -bo͞ot′)
1. A Muslim hermit or saint, especially in northern Africa.
2. The tomb of such a hermit or saint.

[French, from Portuguese marabuto, from Arabic murābiṭ, posted, stationed, marabout, participle of rābaṭa, to be posted, derived stem of rabaṭa, to bind, tie; see rbṭ in Semitic roots.]

mar·a·bout 2

Variant of marabou.


1. (Islam) a Muslim holy man or hermit of North Africa
2. (Islam) a shrine of the grave of a marabout
[C17: via French and Portuguese marabuto, from Arabic murābit]


(ˈmær əˌbut, -ˌbu)

1. a Muslim dervish, esp. in N Africa, often credited with supernatural powers.
[1615–25; < French < Portuguese marabuto < Arabic murābit literally, hermit, occupant of a fortified monastery]
mar′a•bout`ism, n.
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Noun1.marabout - large African black-and-white carrion-eating storkmarabout - large African black-and-white carrion-eating stork; its downy underwing feathers are used to trim garments
marabou - the downy feathers of marabou storks are used for trimming garments
stork - large mostly Old World wading birds typically having white-and-black plumage
genus Leptoptilus, Leptoptilus - adjutant birds and marabous
References in classic literature ?
In 1854 a Marabout of the Senegalese Fouta, Al-Hadji by name, declaring himself to be inspired like Mohammed, stirred up all the tribes to war against the infidels--that is to say, against the Europeans.
13) Also, Lat Dior's mother, Ngone Latir and Lingueer Yaasin Bubu were very popular in the Marabout wars in Kajoor.
Morocco) analyzes the ritual practices of Jinn evictions in the marabout institutions of Islamic Morocco.
Rosny aine [Joseph-Henri Boex], 'Un autre monde', in Recits de science-fiction (Verviers: Marabout, 1975), pp.
Over the years, as testimony to the example he set, he was accorded the name Marabout, or "holy man," by his Muslim neighbors.
Jaiteh, 40, from Senegal, is a self-styled professor and marabout - a West African Islamic spiritual leader.
One or more visits to Morocco may have suggested to Lecomte du Nouy the setting and subject of "Rabbis Commenting on the Bible on Saturday (Souvenir of Morocco)" (1882) as well as "The Marabout Prophet Sidna Aissa, Morocco" (1883).
Her friends subsequently carried her body to a marabout, an intermediary between the spiritual and the physical world, who succeeded in reviving her.
His pal Mr Marabout, who advertises in the black press, duly appeared in blue robes and told our reporter that the potion would 'finish your enemies'.
Matisse's two long trips to Morocco, produced such works as Le Marabout, Sur la Terrasse, and Porte de la Casbah; all three were completed between 1912 and 1913 and all are exhibited at the IMA (see illustrations).
On peut aussi voir l'insistance sur le rituel des repas dans Mandabi, ou meme l'egorgement par le marabout du mouton dans Camp de Thiaroye, comme reponse a la ceremonie des chiens dans Les Maitres fous (1954/ 1957).
The contrast is not favorable to the Wolof: "Our demokaraasie is to do what the marabout orders" (p.