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A Latin-American percussion instrument consisting of a hollow-gourd rattle containing pebbles or beans and often played in pairs.

[Portuguese maracá, probably from Tupí.]


(Instruments) a percussion instrument, usually one of a pair, consisting of a gourd or plastic shell filled with dried seeds, pebbles, etc. It is used chiefly in Latin American music
[C20: Brazilian Portuguese, from Tupi]


(məˈrɑ kə, -ˈræk ə)

n., pl. -rac•as.
a gourd-shaped rattle filled with seeds or pebbles and used as a rhythm instrument.
[1815–25; < Portuguese < Tupi maráka]
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Noun1.maraca - a percussion instrument consisting of a hollow gourd containing pebbles or beansmaraca - a percussion instrument consisting of a hollow gourd containing pebbles or beans; often played in pairs
percussion instrument, percussive instrument - a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by one object striking another
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The tour will include the full, original line-up of Shaun and Paul Ryder, Paul Davis, Mark Day, Gaz Whelans and maraca shaking dancer Bez.
Bez - real name Mark Berry - was a maraca player, dancer and the mascot of Salford band Happy Mondays, having been invited in by singer Shaun Ryder shortly after the band was formed.
Maraca is proposed as a new name for Iracema Perez-Miles 2000 because it is preoccupied by Iracema Triques 1996 (Pisces).
Freaky dancer'' Bez - the maraca shaker famed for his drug-fuelled excesses with fellow Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder - is 2/1 favourite to win the pounds 50, 000 prize.
The Zlin band Maraca has until now been a rather secret affair.
Usually made out of dried gourds, hides or wood, this is an alternative way to teach students about the history and use of the maraca (known in other cultures as a "calabash" or "shekere").
For a paper bag maraca, put some beans in a paper bag, tie it securely, then decorate and shake.
Although now 49, Bez is expected to rock the stage with his trademark percussive moves and maraca accompaniment on July 5.
Now two-and-a-half, Iona listens to Piccolo CDs on her pink stereo every morning in her bedroom, singing along, shaking her maraca and often doing the actions.
Now instead of the maraca peripheral, Wii gamers use their controllers to bop along in a variety of crazy environments full of zany characters.
The dreamy faroutness of the synthesizers never leaves the ground, but still vibrates, because you can feel the hand shaking the maraca that comes in real slow.
Be Strong Tonight stood out thanks to its heady mix of crashing indie guitar riffs and latino rhythms - not to mention the top comedy maraca action from Gunson and guitarist/singer Danny Gorry.