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adv. & adj. Music
With strong accentuation. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, past participle of marcare, to mark, accent, from Old Italian; see demarcation.]


(mɑːˈkɑːtəʊ) music
(Classical Music) (of notes) heavily accented
(Classical Music) with each note heavily accented
[C19: from Italian: marked]


(mɑrˈkɑ toʊ)

Music. strongly accented.
[1830–40; < Italian: literally, marked, past participle of marcare to mark, n. derivative of marca, marco mark « Germanic; see mark1]


with each note emphasized distinctly
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We believe that Dillard's could unlock tremendous value were it to pursue such a transaction," Mick McGuire, managing partner of Marcato, said in a 2014 news release.
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IHG has stayed tightlipped on the bid and on Marcato, which in May urged the company to consider a tie-up with a rival.
IHG have stayed tight-lipped on the bid and on Marcato, who in May urged the company to consider a tie-up with a rival.
The Marcato case shows how difficult it can be to judge performance: while several analysts agree with its criticism, others have sided with the ARCP management or remained on the sidelines.
A 48,629 km/h de moyenne, l'Italien Marco Marcato (Vacansoleil) s'est adjuge avant-hier dimanche la 106e edition de Paris-Tours, une allure record pour une classique cycliste.
La Marcato fa notare che cosi come la cultura materiale e la cultura intellettuale non sono poi cosi distanti, non Io sono neanche italiano e dialetto.
Terpstra was caught as Gilbert attacked the peloton with 3km to go, marked closely by FDJ's Anthony Roux and Vacansoleil's Marco Marcato.
Hills' stage seven specials - without Cavendish: 6-4 Farrar, 5 Greipel, 8 Galimzyanov, 11 Rojas, 12 Boasson Hagen, 14 Feillu, Goss, Petacchi, 16 Hushovd, Swift, 33 bar; match bets: 17-20 Galimzyanov v 17-20 Rojas, 4-9 Contador v 13-8 A Schleck, 8-11 Vaitkus v Evs Sabatini, 13-8 Swift v 4-9 Feillu, 8-15 Marcato v 11-8 Bole, Evs Bozic v 8-11 Hinault, Evs Horner v 8-11 Van den Broeck, 4-11 Cavendish v 2 Farrar, 4-5 F Schleck v 19-20 Leipheimer, 8-11 Boasson Hagen v Evs Hushovd.
Antonio Pavanello, Simone Favaro, Manoa Vosawai, Andrea Marcato, Matteo Pratichetti and Michele Sepe have joined Italy's A team for Sunday's match against England Saxons in Treviso.