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adv. & adj. Music
With strong accentuation. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, past participle of marcare, to mark, accent, from Old Italian; see demarcation.]


(mɑːˈkɑːtəʊ) music
(Classical Music) (of notes) heavily accented
(Classical Music) with each note heavily accented
[C19: from Italian: marked]


(mɑrˈkɑ toʊ)

Music. strongly accented.
[1830–40; < Italian: literally, marked, past participle of marcare to mark, n. derivative of marca, marco mark « Germanic; see mark1]


with each note emphasized distinctly
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Given our lack of confidence in the Board's conduct, Marcato retained Houlihan Lokey in August 2014 as its financial advisor to evaluate opportunities for enhancing long-term shareholder value at IHG, including capital structure and/or capital allocation improvements and strategic combinations.
IHG have stayed tight-lipped on the bid and on Marcato, who in May urged the company to consider a tie-up with a rival.
IHG has stayed tightlipped on the bid and on Marcato, which in May urged the company to consider a tie-up with a rival.
The Marcato case shows how difficult it can be to judge performance: while several analysts agree with its criticism, others have sided with the ARCP management or remained on the sidelines.
Deuxieme l'annee passee, Marcato a prive les sprinteurs du succes qu'ils esperaient sur l'avenue de Grammont.
Marcato added two further penalties after the break to put Italy further ahead, one coming after an indiscretion by Tom Shanklin only moments after he came onto the field.
Italy started strongly and led in six minutes when full-back Andrea Marcato kicked a penalty.
Three early scrums had Wales struggling, Andrea Marcato drilling home the message with an early penalty.
ITALY'S 24-MAN SQUAD V SCOTLAND, BACKS: Andrea Masi, Gonzale Canale, Gonzalo Garcia, Mirco Bergamasco; Andrea Marcato, Paul Griffen, Luke McLean, Andrea Bacchetti, Pablo Canavosio, Matteo Pratichetti, Giulio Rubini.
Bergamasco will return to the back row but captain and lock Marco Bortolami and flyhalf Andrea Marcato are both out injured.
ITALY: Masi; Robertson, Canale, Garcia (Pratichetti, 55), Bergamasco Mi; Marcato (McLean, 29), Bergamasco Ma (Toniolatti, 40); Perugini (Nieto, 60), Ongaro, (Festuccia, 55) Castrogiovanni, Dellape (Montauriol, 76), Bortolami (Reato, 55), Sole, Zanni, Parisse.
ITALY: A Masi (Biarritz), K Robertson (Viadana), G Canale (Clermont Auvergne), G Garcia (Calvisano), Mirco Bergamasco (Stade Francais); A Marcato (Treviso), Mauro Bergamasco (Stade Francais); S Perugini (Toulouse), F Ongaro (Saracens), M Castrogiovanni (Leicester), S Dellape (Toulon), M Bortolami (Gloucester), J Sole (Viadana), A Zanni (Calvisano), S Parisse (Stade Francais, capt).