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Notes in the margin or margins of a book.

[New Latin, neuter pl. of Medieval Latin marginālis, marginal, from Latin margō, margin-, margin; see margin.]


pl n
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) notes in the margin of a book, manuscript, or letter
[C19: New Latin, noun (neuter plural) from marginālis marginal]


(ˌmɑr dʒəˈneɪ li ə, -ˈneɪl yə)
marginal notes, as in a manuscript.
[1825–35; < New Latin, neuter pl. of Medieval Latin marginālis marginal]


notes written in the margins of a book, as by a student.
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Noun1.marginalia - notes written in the margin
note - a brief written record; "he made a note of the appointment"
scholia, scholium - a marginal note written by a scholiast (a commentator on ancient or classical literature)
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17) Beyond such general and sometimes contradictory observations, however, the marginalia and related reading method have attracted little attention.
When applicable the page bearing each copy's information and provenance also contains, as marginalia, a record of any exhibitions that the copy has been featured in and a bibliography of sources used by the authors in their research.
But the reflections on style, the marginalia on art, the lists of novels and films, all generously accumulated here, eclipse autobiography, amounting instead to "waste books" affectionately modeled on those of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg.
Images, texts, and marginalia in a "Vows of the peacock" manuscript (New York, Pierpont Morgan Library MS G24); with a complete concordance and catalogue of Peacock manuscripts.
Intergraph's GeoMedia and GeoMedia Professional core product enhancements include powerful new map composition features, such as easy-to-use layout placement and editing tools, improved marginalia tools for legend, scale bar and north arrow creation, automatic index grid generation, automatic generation of map books and over 800 new delivered styles and symbols.
ProQuest has scanned the valuable works on site at the libraries using state-of-the-art technology to create high-definition color images of every page, including marginalia inside the pages as well as often-lavish bindings and covers.
Letter to a Future Lover: Marginalia, Errata, Secrets, Inscriptions, and Other Ephemera Found in Libraries provides an unusual literary focus on the slips of paper, highlights, inscriptions, and relics of book readers, and gathers seven dozen essays written in response to 'library ephemera', which is defined as personal and university collections.
Eliminating the menu marginalia "makes it easier on the ordering process and makes it easier on fulfillment when a person is putting that order together," Thompson said.
The little red-covered copy of this out-of-print publication is still on my bookshelves--underlined and filled with marginalia.
Many have own annotations and marginalia in them, and are our most valuable books.
He has spent a couple of decades assembling documents and decoding handwritten marginalia and letters that contain valuable information but were written in a difficult-to-read old German handwriting.
In other works we could focus on the individual found materials; from farther back there was a soothing or numbing visual white noise, an aesthetic of hoarding, or of marginalia gone berserk.