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Noun1.marginalisation - the social process of becoming or being made marginal (especially as a group within the larger society); "the marginalization of the underclass"; "the marginalization of literature"
social process - a process involved in the formation of groups of persons
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The book depicts photographs of people afflicted with ‎albinism in Africa, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)C1/4, with the purpose of increasing public awareness about the discrimination and marginalisation of albinos.
Intervenant a la derniere session de la retraite des ministres des Affaires etrangeres des Etats membres de l'Union africaine (UA), Lamamra a souligne que l'Afrique [beaucoup moins que] se trouve devant un constat de marginalisation du processus de prise de decision au niveau international notamment sur les questions africaines, gerees par un conseil de securite dont la democratisation n'est plus a justifier [beaucoup plus grand que].
With the novel film fest, the group is trying to raise awareness regarding women's sexuality and marginalisation of lesbians.
MAHDIA, (TAP) - "My visit to Souassi, Governorate of Mahdia signals the end of years of exclusion and marginalisation experienced by this region," said Caretaker President Moncef Marzouki.
The statement said the potential constitution article came short on ensuring that the Egyptian government adhere to the appropriate international conventions, pointing out that the article's text only said that such conventions would be followed when it came to "creating public utilities and an environment" for the disabled, which they said would "expose the rest of the principles and rights set forth in the agreements to marginalisation and implicit or total lack of recognition.
Ces investissements seront repartis sur quatre axes : L'amenagement territorial, la reduction de la marginalisation, l'amelioration des conditions de vie de la population et les programmes d'integration economique, selon un document de l'APDN presente lors d'une recente reunion par le gouverneur de la province de Taza, Mohamed Fetal.
Sit-in en signe de protestation contre la marginalisation
Marginalisation et mepris Lundi, le president de la republique Mohamed Morsi s'est entretenue avec une delegation des representants de la Nubie, au cours de laquelle, les intervenants ont mis l'accent sur leurs droits inalienables, apres de longues annees de marginalisation et de mepris.
Vocational training initiatives aimed at low-skilled and long-term unemployed people are faced with cultural barriers as they are caught between marginalisation cultures (those of their trainees) and main-stream cultures (those of the market into which they wish to integrate the trainees).
We should not forget that uncertainty and unequal treatment lead to insecurity and possible disregard of the rules, which result in the socioeconomic marginalisation of migrants and their families," Mavrou said.
En raison de cet interet croissant, nous avons cree l'indice de marginalisation canadien (CAN-Marg) a partir de recherches et de theories regionales existantes qui reliaient la marginalisation de certains quartiers avec la mauvaise sante.
South Sudan's numerous grievances included economic and political marginalisation, implementation of Shari'a Law in the Christian and African orientated region, disputes over Nile water and the failure to implement the previous peace deal.