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1. The wife or widow of a margrave.
2. Used as a title for such a woman.

[Probably Middle Dutch marcgravinne, feminine of marcgrāve, margrave; see margrave.]


1. (Historical Terms) the wife or widow of a margrave
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the wife or widow of a margrave
3. (Historical Terms) a woman who holds the rank of margrave
4. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a woman who holds the rank of margrave
[C17: from Middle Dutch, feminine of margrave]


(ˈmɑr grəˌvin)

the wife of a margrave.
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It was built by a Margravine in 1725, and remains as she left it at her death.
A painting in the dining-hall verged upon the indelicate-- but then the Margravine was herself a trifle indelicate.
It is said that the Margravine would give herself up to debauchery and exceedingly fast living for several months at a time, and then retire to this miserable wooden den and spend a few months in repenting and getting ready for another good time.
1] The margravine used to bring her meals to this table and DINE WITH THE HOLY FAMILY.