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 (măr′ə-năr′ə, mär′ə-när′ə)
Being or served with a sauce made of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and herbs: spaghetti marinara.
Marinara sauce.

[Italian (alla) marinara, in sailor style, feminine of marinaro, of the sea, sailor, from marino, marine; see marina.]


(Cookery) an Italian pasta sauce


(ˌmɑr əˈnɑr ə, ˌmær əˈnær ə)

1. a sauce of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices.
2. served with such a sauce: shrimp marinara.
[1945–50; < Italian (alla) marinara literally, in sailor's style]
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Noun1.marinara - sauce for pastamarinara - sauce for pasta; contains tomatoes and garlic and herbs
pasta sauce, spaghetti sauce - any of numerous sauces for spaghetti or other kinds of pasta
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The large plate was served with four mouth-watering dips: honey mustard, chili marinara sauce, blue cheese, and mayonnaise with chopped pickles.
The comfort of a heaping plate of pasta soaked in marinara sauce and delectable meatballs is simply great.
Four ingredients - Mozzarella sticks, basil, salami and marinara - and 20 minutes, and you'll be on your way.
5 365 Organic Marinara 50 2 Barilla Tomato & Basil Tomato Sauce GF 60 1 Barilla Traditional Tomato Sauce GF 60 1 Bertolli Italian Sausage with Garlic & Romano 90 3 Bertolli Rustic Cut Marinara with Traditional 100 6 Vegetables [check] Cucina Antica Arrabbiata GF 40 1.
Step two is a choice of pasta sauce: Spicy marinara, Regular marinara, Alfredo sauce, Alla vodka sauce (pink sauce) and step three is choice of salad dressing: House Italian, Ranch.
Victoria Chef Collection is available in Penne Marinara and Penne Alla Vodka.
It doesn't matter if it's spaghetti with marinara, meatballs, puttanesca, pesto, clam, or another sauce.
The fat and calories of a tomatobased sauce, such as marinara, are typically quite a bit lower than a pesto or Alfredo sauce," Manganiello says.
com, where they're seen having spaghetti with a bottle of Prego marinara sauce in front, which had the word "we're" taped on top, making the label read "We're Prego".
For the lobster marinara Heat oil in large pot over medium heat Add lobster shells and cook until caramelized.
Products include tomato sauce (Tomato Basil, Marinara, Arrabbiata and Cherry Tomato varieties), Mussel Broth (Red Marinara and White Wine), cream-based soups, cream sauce (Alfredo, Rose, Bechamel and Hollandaise), meat sauce (Italian Sausage), broth (Chicken and Beef), stock (Chicken, Beef, Vegetable and Cream) and gravy (Original, Oriental, Beef-Onion, Red Wine and Thai).
Red Gold has added Nutritionally Enhanced Marinara Sauce and Fully-Prepared Pizza Sauce under to its Redpack label.