mariposa lily

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mar·i·po·sa lily

 (măr′ə-pō′zə, -sə)
Any of several bulbous plants of the genus Calochortus of western North America, having variously colored, tuliplike flowers. Also called mariposa tulip.

[Probably from American Spanish mariposa, from Spanish, butterfly, from María pósate, Mary alight!, María, Mary + pósate, second person sing. reflexive imperative of posar, to perch (from Late Latin pausāre, to pause, from Latin pausa, pause).]

mar•i•po′sa lil`y

(ˌmær əˈpoʊ sə, -zə)
any lily of the genus Calochortus, of the western U.S. and Mexico, having showy tuliplike flowers.
[1880–85, Amer.; < Sp mariposa butterfly, moth]
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Noun1.mariposa lily - any of several plants of the genus Calochortus having tulip-shaped flowers with 3 sepals and 3 petalsmariposa lily - any of several plants of the genus Calochortus having tulip-shaped flowers with 3 sepals and 3 petals; southwestern United States and Mexico
liliaceous plant - plant growing from a bulb or corm or rhizome or tuber
Calochortus, genus Calochortus - large genus of western North American leafy-stemmed bulbous herbs
Calochortus elegans, elegant cat's ears, star tulip - small plant with slender bent stems bearing branched clusters of a few white star-shaped flowers with petals shaped like cat's ears; southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon to Montana
Calochortus kennedyi, desert mariposa tulip - mariposa with clusters of bell-shaped vermilion or orange or yellow flowers atop short stems; southern California to Arizona and Mexico
Calochortus luteus, yellow mariposa tulip - mariposa having clusters of a few large deep yellow bell-shaped flowers atop slender stems; California coastal ranges
Calochortus macrocarpus, sagebrush mariposa tulip - mariposa having loose clusters of one to three handsome lilac flowers resembling umbels atop stout erect stems; arid northwestern North America east of Cascade Mountains from southern British Columbia to northern California
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Featured works include, below from left to right, paintings of primroses, a Venus Mariposa lily and Desert Candles (squaw cabbage.
Examples of partnership agreements and programs that have precluded the need to list under the Endangered Species Act include the Pecos pupfish (Cyprinodon pecosensis) in New Mexico and Texas, the Umpqua mariposa lily (Calochortus umpquaensis) in Oregon, and a California plant, the Cuyamaca Lake dowingia (Dowiningia concolor var.
Look for explorer's gentian, sidalcea, mariposa lily (Calochortus leichilinii), alpine lily, delphinium, meadow-rue, peony, monkshood, columbine, spiraea, thimbleberry, penstemons, violets, monkeyflower (Mimulus torreyi), paintbrush, fireweed, and, in the orchid family, spotted coralroot.