marital bed

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Noun1.marital bed - the relationship between wife and husbandmarital bed - the relationship between wife and husband
family relationship, kinship, relationship - (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
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Is it true that this could be deduced from the fact that the marital bed had been slept in and that there were no signs of violence in that area?
Being more adventurous in the bedroom, having more sex, being home more often, showing more respect and interest, and even spending more time together were also key factors in bringing a straying partner back to the marital bed.
Dear Coleen MY partner of 18 years cheated on me with a prostitute in our marital bed.
The Summons," with an effective soft drum roll effect in the guitar, is a poignant and powerful call from a man to his lover's former husband, a dead soldier, as he invites the ghost to return to the marital bed.
When your MP hubby's been having sex with rent boys, welcoming him back into the marital bed is a surprising course of action.
Around 39 per cent of Spaniards admit to having an affair, and, rather shockingly, 94 per cent of the cheaters prefer to do so in the marital bed.
Unsurprisingly, Michael prefers kipping in his car than sharing the marital bed - can he and Gail find a way to get past this latest setback in their relationship?
A TORMENTED wife snapped at the breakdown of her family and set re to her marital bed when a 'his and hers' duvet tipped her over the edge on Halloween.
If fantasizing will help you and your wife bring interest in each other and passion back to your marital bed after six years of marriage, then there's nothing wrong with it.
But look on the other side of the marital bed, and father, it seems, still knows best.
9million family home in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands - even using the marital bed.
Weeks later, the teacher threw a second party - this time while her husband was away - and had sex with the first boy in her marital bed.