marital relationship

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Noun1.marital relationship - the relationship between wife and husbandmarital relationship - the relationship between wife and husband
family relationship, kinship, relationship - (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
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The aim of the awareness-raising program was to educate prospective husbands and wives on those key pillars that will help them build a strong marital relationship and therefore a happy and stable family life.
On the contrary, it will be doing a great favor to the guilty spouse particularly the philandering and violent husband because divorce enables him to get out of a marital relationship by battering his wife or committing any acts constituting grounds for divorce and then remarry again and continue committing the same acts every time he wants to get out of the marital relationship.
Through content analysis seven major themes (viz, lack of warmth from in-laws, husbands' detachment, lack of communication among couples, social dilemma, parents' characteristics, and financial difficulties) were identified which were contributing in poor marital relationship of these couples.
Does the lack of acknowledgment of Cuneta's return by Senator Kiko in his social media accounts indicate a lack of enthusiasm on his part or is it his way of showing that there's no problem whatsoever in their marital relationship, that everything's normal between them?
A Navy officer was dismissed form service for having an extra- marital relationship with his colleague's foreign national wife but the SC reinstated the officer saying having consensual affairs was not a crime.
Combining a healthy dose of personal experience with relationship-affirming biblical wisdom, Deb and Ron demonstrate how communication through conflict can lead to greater insight and understanding of thoughts, feelings, and perspectives that can safeguard (and even strengthen) a marital relationship.
Acknowledging the inevitability of conflict, the DeArmonds ask couples to cast away idealized pictures of first love and learn to navigate through the everyday occurrences of the marital relationship.
The analysis showed that there was a significant relationship between gender, people ever diagnosed for depression in life, persons having suicidal ideas at least once in life, poor marital relationship, monthly income between Rs10,000 to 30,000, elderly having no care giver and depression (P-value less than 0.
Vieira, Perdona, and Santos (2011), in a study with 504 women, presented some variables that are risk factors for the occurrence of physical violence in the marital relationship, namely: low educational level, marital status (being separated or cohabiting), having experienced or witnessed violence in childhood, and alcohol use.
Our study particularly focuses on the dynamics and structure that one's consciousness of God as one's transcendent moral authority creates in spouses' psychology and marital relationship, and attempts to find in-depth explanations of these dynamics to add to these studies.
6%), living within monogamous settings (85%), reported having a cordial marital relationship (91.
Myska also realized that the strain was not just on her as a caregiver or a potential caregiver as her husband's illness progressed, but on the marital relationship.