mark of Cain

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Noun1.mark of Cain - the mark that God set upon Cain now refers to a person's sinful naturemark of Cain - the mark that God set upon Cain now refers to a person's sinful nature
sin, sinfulness, wickedness - estrangement from god
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Then the old man cried and grieved, and said he was a murderer and the mark of Cain was on him, and he had disgraced his family and was going to be found out and hung.
He did it so energetically and thoroughly that the poor Worm was cast into the depths of remorseful despair, and went to bed that evening feeling that he was an outcast from among men, and bore the mark of Cain upon his brow.
Humanity has lived long enough with myths of the curses of Eve and Ham and the mark of Cain.
He will carry the mark of Cain for the rest of his life.
56) Charlie calls Sam and Dean and tells them she found the Book of the Dead that could help remove the Mark of Cain.
The CW Network's synopsis on the mid-season premiere episode titled "The Hunter Games" revealed that Team Free Will is going to double their efforts when it comes to finding a cure for the troublesome Mark of Cain on Dean Winchester.
Maybe it was the stigma of being the only player signed by Rafa Benitez in his time in charge at Chelsea that had daubed him with the mark of Cain.
At the time of writing, Lang's suggestion that the committee return the painting to him, even with a mark of Cain, has been rejected.
They might have once been denounced as murderers but they did not truly bear the mark of Cain and they could become leading players in the modern political culture.
This is, after all, the man who brought us Garrow's Law, Recovery, Mark of Cain and The Whistleblowers.
This defense emerged even in the face of the previous Christian tradition that had viewed the mark of Cain, the destruction of the Temple, and the scattering of the Jews as purely punitive.