market strategist

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: strategist - someone skilled in planning marketing campaignsmarket strategist - someone skilled in planning marketing campaigns
strategian, strategist - an expert in strategy (especially in warfare)
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Global Banking News-September 29, 2014--JP Morgan Asset Management names global market strategist
Earlier, he had served as chief strategist for the US sector at Merrill Lynch in New York and as managing director and fundamental market strategist at Piper Jaffray & Company in Minneapolis.
He also acts as the financial market strategist for Swiss Re's proprietary $129 billion (CHF160) investment portfolio.
As far as the financial markets go, [Greenspan's] more powerful than God," the honest-to-god, real-life chief market strategist for the investment banking firm Ferris, Baker Watts effused to the Baltimore Sun in 1998.
Thomas Winninger, best selling author and prominent market strategist, will address how tight labor markets are affecting the availability of skilled manufacturing workers.
The good thing about all of this turmoil is that investors will take a look at their portfolios and see the need to diversify,'' said Mario DeRose, a market strategist with Edward Jones in St.
HedgeStreet([R]), the first all-electronic, US government-regulated online financial exchange, announced today that Peter Rosenstreich has been appointed Financial Market Strategist.
VX) has been appointed as its chief US market strategist and managing director, Reuters reports.
Mark Leibovit, CIMA, is the Chief Market Strategist and Publisher for VRTrader.
The bank has named Jonathan Golub from UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) as chief US market strategist for its investment-banking unit.
s market strategist, said IBM's earnings, which included strong results overseas, also signaled that the world economy is recovering after a nearly two-year slump.
Sabrient's proprietary methodology, developed by Chief Market Strategist and industry pioneer David Brown, employs multi-factor filters and fuzzy-logic scoring to analyze nearly 6,000 U.