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An officious meddler whose interference compromises the success of an undertaking.

[After Marplot, , a character in The Busy Body, a play by Susannah Centlivre (1669-1723).]


a person who interferes with, or spoils, a plot or plan



a person who spoils a plot, design, or project by meddling.


- A person who spoils a plot or who ruins the success of an undertaking or process.
See also related terms for success.
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A restless movement from Laurie suggested that his chair was not easy, or that he did not like the plan, and made the old man add hastily, "I don't mean to be a marplot or a burden.
Which you haven't, you Marplot,' observed my aunt, in an indignant whisper.
I was going to say--but you are such a beloved little Marplot for putting one out--when you are left alone here with Mrs General, Amy, don't you let her slide into any sort of artful understanding with you that she is looking after Pa, or that Pa is looking after her.