marriage contract

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Noun1.marriage contract - a prenuptial agreement or contractmarriage contract - a prenuptial agreement or contract  
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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Mademoiselle, if the king goes beyond Poitiers and sets out for Spain, if the articles of the marriage contract are agreed upon by Don Luis de Haro and his eminence, you must plainly perceive that it is not child's play.
I was not able to learn what particular ceremony was observed in forming the marriage contract, but am inclined to think that it must have been of a very simple nature.
Fortunately, by our marriage contract, the survivor takes everything.
the linen-draper, who, though he had left me by the necessity of his circumstances, had no power to discharge me from the marriage contract which was between us, or to give me a legal liberty to marry again; so that I had been no less than a whore and an adulteress all this while.
So, the happy pair, with this hopeful marriage contract thus signed, sealed, and delivered, repair homeward.
You seem to think your marriage contract a very light matter, Mr.
The question the narrative then seeks to answer is whether and under what conditions the original contract is valid, given the fact that the duke subsequently entered into a new marriage contract, with the added complication that the uncle of the lady is arranging a new marriage contract for his niece.
Senior lawyer Liaquat Ali said that as per Muslim family laws of the country, a husband, who wants to end the marriage contract, is bound to send a 'written divorce' or Talaq Nama, bearing his and two witnesses' signatures, to his former wife.
One bride said that her groom should allow her to work late if need be as she insists on keeping her job, and wanted the marriage contract to specify her wish so that it is fully respected," a marriage officiant said, quoted by Saudi daily Al Watan on Saturday.
One image of a marriage contract including the condition that a husband respects a wife's decision to drive has been circulating in Saudi Arabia this weekend.
The centre started its first phase with three joint service packages; Mabrouk Ma Yak (newborn bundle of services), Mabrook Ma Dabrat (to serve new marriages and enable the couples to complete their marriage contract through one visit), and Employment Service.
Once the Filipino husbtand failed to prove that he was a responsible husband and proved that he was constantly dependent, the wife initiated legal action before the Dubai Personal Status Court [non-Muslims] seeking to have their marriage contract annulled.