marriage offer

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Noun1.marriage offer - an offer of marriagemarriage offer - an offer of marriage      
question - an informal reference to a marriage proposal; "he was ready to pop the question"
offering, offer - something offered (as a proposal or bid); "noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds"
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She was twenty-two, and her first marriage offer had come when she was sixteen.
Later, he threatened her to accept his marriage offer or he would upload the video on social media otherwise.
Summary: Woman emailed CV to manager, who reportedly stalked her and threatened to kill for spurning his marriage offer
The police said Fahad Lodhi wanted to marry her but she did not agree to marriage offer.
RAWALPINDI -- - Rawalpindi district police have arrested three suspects for their alleged involvement in burning of a 19-year old school teacher for declining a marriage offer.
As she puts it, "bans on same-sex marriage offer a revealing parallel to laws against interracial marriage.
STRAIN IN SPAIN STRAIN IN SPAIN He made Frances marriage offer she couldn't refuse
Bob McCahill, a missionary in Bangladesh who terms the marriage offer from a Muslim woman an act of "neighborliness.
These three essays on marriage offer three different views of religious marriage.
He hesitated and did not say yes, which made Penny take the marriage offer off the table.
Clarke, 28, accepted his marriage offer as a band, which had been particularly hired by Chilcott for the occasion, played out the Batman TV theme.
Marriage offer She said she had declined Pereira's offer of marriage many times before he persuaded her in their 10th of year of dating, when the first lucky date was approaching.