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Suitable for marriage: of marriageable age.

mar′riage·a·bil′i·ty, mar′riage·a·ble·ness n.
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Noun1.marriageability - eligibility for marriage
eligibility - the quality or state of being eligible; "eligibility of a candidate for office"; "eligibility for a loan"
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In the middle decades of the twentieth century, white middle-class parents often sent unmarried girls and young women who became pregnant to maternity homes to give birth, surrender their children, and return to the routines of teenage life, preserving their future marriageability and allowing childless married couples to raise children.
The comparison with the husband was chosen because marriageability has been cited as a reason for the perpetuation of FGC.
The main reason why girls in Kenya undergo FGM is to increase their marriageability.
Thus, Austen demonstrates that defining bloom and marriageability by age is a construct.
29) Within Asian ethnic groups, differences in skin color frequently determine social standing and marriageability.
Once the girl emerged from seclusion into the village, she would wear the sihiete cloth as a sign of her fertility and marriageability.
For husbands and prospective husbands in the audience who had not read women's romance novels, the female performers were demonstrating their talents and marriageability, musically confirming their social position in both class and gender.
In particular, the dramatic mismatch between skill level and employment opportunities among black males has further undermined marriageability in the inner-city black community.
This use of hetaira to designate marriageability occurs only in the fourth century.
By the same token, as it becomes increasingly clear that aspirations to family formation are being stymied by wage stagnation and disappointing job prospects among working-class and less-educated men, conservatives are coming to realize that they need to be concerned about economic and labor market bottlenecks that reduce men's employability, damage their marriageability, and help drive the cycle of family decline.
Her seducer had ended her marriageability in a society where marriage was essential to her economic survival and social respect.
Because of factors such as restructuring, offshoring, and the stripping of both employer benefits and government safety nets, we "have moved," she says, "from a world of employment and marriage to a world of employability and marriageability.