marrons glacés

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mar·rons gla·cés

 (mă-rōN′ glă-sā′)
Chestnuts glazed with sugar or preserved in vanilla-flavored syrup.

[French : marrons, marrons + glacés, pl. of glacé, glazed.]

marrons glacés

(marɔ̃ ɡlase)
pl n
(Cookery) chestnuts cooked in syrup and glazed
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2 MARRONS glaces are whole chestnuts soaked in syrup, which can be used as decoration for cakes and puddings.
Bateel is a brand of choice for fine food, offering a wide variety that includes Turkish delight, date jams and honeys, date pesto, mustard and balsamic vinegar and other date-inspired delicacies as well as more traditional sweets like nougat and marrons glaces.
Such a way of making cities would result in universal road-to-the-airport syndrome, where ducks and decorated sheds succeed each other ad nauseam--at best caviar mixed with marrons glaces, at worst (ie normally) tacky, shabby and completely banal.
Other flavors in Francois Theron's organic assortment are: Pain d'epices Bio (Spice Bread), Calissons Bin (with sweets composed of ground almond), Caramel au Beurre Sale Bin (Caramel with Salted Butter), and Marrons Glaces Bio (Glazed Chestnuts).